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living well

What spontaneous thing have you added to your life lately?

14 Comments 03 July 2012

My husband and I are very busy with our family, different jobs, and projects. We try to spend at least a few minutes together each morning having coffee because we know we won’t have that again until we spoon that night in bed. We don’t often have the opportunity to go away together, even though […]

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The joys of digging

6 Comments 27 February 2012

“I was driving past your house the other day and saw you digging in your garden and thought you poor thing!” “Ummm…why?” “Digging! In your garden! Your back must be killing you.” “You need to dig it in order to plant things.” “Ugh. Not me. I am quite happy cutting flowers for the house or […]

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The Good Life in Essex

24 Comments 25 November 2011

We have about an acre of garden and we’ve decided to create The Good Life in our little corner of Essex. Well, almost. Minus the goat. Or pig. Or whatever it was and we still have our car–husband hasn’t traded it in for any farm machinery yet, although he really loved using the digger to […]

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Who is The American Resident?


An American writer in the UK for over 20 years. Lives in Essex. A pretend extrovert.

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