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Raffy is disabled

9 Comments 11 November 2011

You remember Raffy? The cute little kitten we decided to get so Minky would have more kitten company? Minky was the tiny stray kitten we rescued from under a neighbour’s shed. She was lovely but at about four months old she was beginning to drive My Cat Paddy a bit nuts. Anyway. Everyone loves Raffy. […]

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Why I love my cats

4 Comments 12 May 2011

At last the kitties have relaxed. Minky stopped growling and hissing at little Raffy ages ago and My Cat Paddy has realised I still love him even with two highly entertaining kittens around. My Cat Paddy doesn’t even mind if Raffy curls up next to him in his bed, although I suspect he pulls the […]

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Neglected garden… etc

4 Comments 05 April 2011

We’ve been gardening like mad these past few weeks. We’re going on holiday for two weeks–two of the most happening weeks in the garden–grass growing, bulbs blooming, hedge reaching, perennials pushing through, sun glowing, soil warming and no one to take advantage of it or direct it in the best direction! So before we leave […]

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Paddy and Raffy

20 Comments 03 March 2011

I know my posts have been a bit light on words this week. I’m plate spinning. I’m trying to catch up on a long list of tasks after half term at my daughter’s school. This week I’ve limited myself to a few brief thoughts or updates I wanted to share, and here’s another: Paddy makes […]

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Introducing Raffy

22 Comments 31 January 2011

I’ve had My Cat Paddy for 17.5 years. He is an English Moggy, a regular good guy, a black and white. He’s been with me through seven house moves, many arguments, lots of tears, some triumphs, a baby, a divorce, a few boyfriends, a fiance, a change from a small family of two, then three, […]

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