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Who do you think you are?

23 Comments 02 June 2011

I am borrowing my title from the popular BBC television series, tracing the ancestors of celebrities: Who Do You Think You Are? I use that title because I want to ask you about who you think you are, and also if you think knowing your ancestors makes any difference to knowing you you are. My […]

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expat life

How Living Overseas Has Changed Me

31 Comments 10 November 2010

I am certain I am different because of my expat experience, and here’s why: By the way, this is not the same as ‘Why Everyone Should Live Overseas.’ 1. National Pride Living overseas has helped me to understand national pride in other countries, helped me to feel the greatness of other nations, and helped me […]

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Who is The American Resident?


An American writer in the UK for over 20 years. Lives in Essex. A pretend extrovert.

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