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Something to consider before becoming a long-term expat

22 Comments 19 May 2014

Curled up on your bathroom floor, towel pulled off the rail and scrunched into your face to muffle the sobs as you exhale in great lumps the weight held in for too long, stoically. What small triggers set off such large reactions? How can anyone live a normal life with all of this just under the surface? […]

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expat life

Life abroad infographic

2 Comments 17 January 2013


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A tour of The American Resident blog

5 Comments 06 November 2012

I have seen a lot of new people stop by here lately so I thought I would give you a little tour of the place! Firstly, hello! Welcome to The American Resident. If you would like to know more about the blog, you can read my page About The American Resident. If that’s not enough […]

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expat life

Creating moments with grandparents

5 Comments 23 October 2012

How does your child build a bond with grandparents who live thousands of miles away? Grandparent time for children of expats isn’t Saturday afternoon at the allotment with grandad or helping grandma make cakes for a couple of hours while mum does the shopping. There isn’t much of staying in dad’s old room or rebuilding […]

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expat life

Silly things expats do

21 Comments 10 October 2012

Sometimes I do this thing, I guess it could be called a game, where I pretend I’m a stranger here in the UK. Or maybe I’m reminding myself I’m not from here. Less of a game and more of a reality check? I step back, I put myself in that awkward foreign position, behind the […]

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GCSE’s and mountains out of molehills

4 Comments 08 September 2012

It occurred to me this summer that I only have four more years left with my daughter at home. I watched the pages of calendars flip ‘flt-t-t-t-t-t’ past in a cartoon blur of motion as I saw my time with her escape me. In  a subconscious effort to slow that page-flipping calendar I didn’t do […]

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expat life

What makes perfect partner for an expat?

7 Comments 27 August 2012

You fall in love with someone from another country and decide to move to that person’s country. It will be an adventure! Your love will conquer all! You will visit home and your family and friends will visit you! You’ll get homesick, sure, but it will pass and you will make a wonderful life with […]

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expat life

Expat life: finding substitutes

27 Comments 06 July 2012

As part of my expat life I accept that I will not be celebrating the same things–or in the same way, as I did at home. I don’t always celebrate the Fourth of July (American Independence Day to the readers who aren’t American) but this year my husband said “do you want to go out […]

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things i love

Expat or Immigrant? Discuss.

4 Comments 14 March 2012

I love discussion. Argument is boring, but reasoned, thoughtful discussion can be fascinating, enlightening and stimulating. I love it when people discuss a topic in the comments sections of blogs, checking back to reply to each other–how cool is that to be the blogger to start a discussion! I love it when a dinner party […]

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expat life

The question I always get asked by the British

33 Comments 17 January 2012

Ok so there are two high frequency questions. The first is a variant of “that doesn’t sound like a local accent!” which is the polite way of saying “I know you’re Canadian or American but I have learned from various media sources that it is a serious faux pas to ask where in the States […]

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expat life

6 Tips for Coping with Homesickness

15 Comments 13 October 2011

Homesickness is different to culture shock even though it can happen at the same time. Homesickness is the hollow feeling from deep inside that you sense can only be filled with the things you formed your life around previously–the daily hum outside your house, the scents from your street, the casual hello from a neighbour […]

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expat life

How Living Overseas Has Changed Me

31 Comments 10 November 2010

I am certain I am different because of my expat experience, and here’s why: By the way, this is not the same as ‘Why Everyone Should Live Overseas.’ 1. National Pride Living overseas has helped me to understand national pride in other countries, helped me to feel the greatness of other nations, and helped me […]

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expat life

Has Living Overseas Changed You?

No Comments 19 September 2010

I know living overseas has changed me. Would I have developed into who I am today without living overseas? Hard to know, but I doubt it. As one of the first posts on this brand new site (having just migrated over from the much older A Mid-Atlantic English), I will keep this short and sweet […]

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