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Baked Chips (or French Fries)

7 Comments 08 August 2011

Or whatever you call them. I’ll call them chips because I’m in the UK. These are easy and tasty and healthier than the fried option. Kids can make these and you can experiment with seasonings. Oh, and your kitchen will smell fantastic. What’s not to like? Baked Chips (or French Fries) #ratingval# from #reviews# reviews […]

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16 Comments 11 July 2011

Kay-sa-DEE-yas. Grate some cheese, add some nice stuff, sandwich it between two tortillas, lay flat on the frying pan, when cheese starts to melt, flip it over for 30 seconds, slide onto a plate and cut into wedges. Can any snack be any easier? Or tastier? I rustled up some of these this past weekend […]

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Pizza Pops

16 Comments 06 June 2011

Or mini calzone. ‘Pizza Pops’ is the name given to these snacks by the North American frozen food industry because it’s snappy and sounds good to kids, where Mini Calzone sounds too grown up. I guess. Call them what you will, they’re very more-ish and easy to make and yes, you can make them ahead […]

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