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Morning Walk in the Yellow Woods

3 Comments 26 October 2013

  Leaves papier mache the path, after autumn rain passed by in the night.

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Partnered Post/Reviews

Jamie Lloyd’s Macbeth

2 Comments 10 February 2013

When Jamie Lloyd’s Macbeth opened last night at Trafalgar Studios in London (I’ll get to the performance in a moment, but suffice it to say for now–incredible) the audience were made to wait in the foyer because “it’s not set up yet” the usher explained with a funny laugh (the type of laugh reserved for […]

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The Interviews + Guest Posts

What’s it really like being a celebrity bodyguard?

8 Comments 01 June 2012

Forget Hollywood–well, I mean the fiction (where does one draw that line?), I mean forget the movie, The Bodyguard, I’m talking real life. It can’t be all glamorous parties right? It’s not about being a beefy gym-going guy who looks good in a suit, is it? What does it take to be a celebrity bodyguard? […]

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expat life

An American buys a house in England

24 Comments 12 April 2012

It was always going to be a classic culture shock scenario. Cute American girl Alissa marries handsome British guy Paul and because he already has a good job in the UK or because she thinks it will be ‘neat’ to live in England or because of something else they start househunting on this side of […]

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living well

14 Tips to Conquer the Fear of Flying

14 Comments 22 June 2011

          Conquering the fear of flying might be easier than you think. One in three people have a fear about flying, but many people have learned how to conquer their fears–like me. I used to enjoy it as it was all part of the adventure when I first started travelling. Then […]

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Have you ever seen an airplane like this?

22 Comments 27 May 2011

My uncle is a stained glass artist and one of his specialty items are these delicate airplanes. Unusual, interesting, pretty things to set on your shelf. I love them. When I visited my family recently I was very lucky to be given one by my uncle and I was over the moon! This airplane was […]

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