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Turbulence on re-entry

18 Comments 29 August 2014

  Going home, returning home. The life of a long-term expat means you may get into the uncomfortable position of living in a state of perpetual homesickness wherever you are. There is no cure. The more I visit home the worse it feels because I am reminded of the good things. This time, for example, […]

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things i love

Saving Talliston

1 Comment 28 May 2014

Remember that amazing place I introduced you to called Talliston House? It’s where I meet with fellow writers once a month, the Talliston Writers’ Circle. But it’s not just a meeting place for creativity. Talliston is a crossroads of thoughts, an experiment with sensory perception, a playful tug at the weave of childhood fantasy and […]

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expat life

Something to consider before becoming a long-term expat

22 Comments 19 May 2014

Curled up on your bathroom floor, towel pulled off the rail and scrunched into your face to muffle the sobs as you exhale in great lumps the weight held in for too long, stoically. What small triggers set off such large reactions? How can anyone live a normal life with all of this just under the surface? […]

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The Interviews + Guest Posts

Mothers Ruined – The interview

8 Comments 16 May 2014

I love to support my writing friends because I admire their determination, organisation and overflowing creativity. They keep me sane and remind me that this writing thing is a Good Thing. Today I’ve got an interview with Aimee Horton, author of Survival of the Ginnest, talking about her new book Mothers Ruined, her writing inspiration […]

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Flow: Why I write.

3 Comments 13 May 2014

  I’ve been invited by the enchanting Jeanne Henriques to join a blog hop on why I write. I’ve introduced Jeanne below (please go look at her photos and read her writing) but first, the four questions: What am I working on? I’m working on a novel about an American woman in Britain. I’ve oversimplified […]

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This is cool

6 Comments 01 May 2014

  Thank you, readers! I’m grateful for the recognition and honoured to be in a category with such outstanding writers. If you wish to support my writing further, you can vote here: Brilliance in Blogging Voting Alternatively you can click on the Brilliance in Blogging badge in the top right (look! over there! >> Look UP to […]

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expat life

Would you pass a Life in the UK test without studying?

35 Comments 30 April 2014

‘Unreasonable! Why would anyone need to know these things?’ Ever since the Life in the UK Test (or the LitUK test, to us in the know) started to be a requirement for citizenship applications in the UK there have been little bonfires of discontent. Most of the unhappiness focuses on the outrageously random facts of […]

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living well

Join me for a Sport Relief Coffee Morning?

8 Comments 13 January 2014

One of the many things the British do well is creative fundraising for charities. It’s a thing they love to do. I usually quietly set up my direct debits to chosen charities, or drop the pound coins into rattling buckets at the entrance to the grocery store, or sponsor a school child on a walk […]

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living well

Boldly go into this New Year

8 Comments 31 December 2013

I have rarely spent New Years Eve at a party or out in the cold watching fireworks over a big city. One year we hosted a 12-course meal for our family, stretching across midnight with a course of sparkling drink as the clock struck 12. It was fun, but kind of hard work. I would […]

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Partnered Post/Reviews

Stress-free Christmas?

3 Comments 27 December 2013

So, we’re on the other side of another Christmas (and if you’re in Britain or a Commonwealth country, Boxing Day as well). Where did you celebrate the holiday, at home or away? Or, if you’re an expat, which home? I was at home, my home in Britain, that is. I have mixed feelings about Christmas. […]

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Partnered Post/Reviews

Expat Health Insurance & US Healthcare Reform: What Are You Entitled To?

No Comments 18 December 2013

An interesting topic keeping us Americans overseas up to date on what the US Healthcare reform will mean for us. This post has been contributed to The American Resident. In 2010 President Obama and the United States Congress enacted the most far reaching act of reform to US healthcare in a generation. The Patient Protection […]

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Nigella’s addiction

16 Comments 10 December 2013

Cheeky title, isn’t it? In honour of Nigella Lawson’s strength for escaping and standing up to her emotionally abusive ex-husband, I am celebrating with her amazing Sweet and Salty Crunchy Nut Bars. These are from NIGELLA KITCHEN by Nigella Lawson. She said of these bars:  “I fear it is the kitchen equivalent to crack cocaine.” […]

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My Christmas list, should you be wondering…

5 Comments 06 December 2013

I have some ideas for you. I think I am one of those Hard to Buy Presents for people. I don’t collect anything, I am particular about my style (both personal and home) and I don’t like a lot of Things cluttering up the house. I always tell people my favourite presents are the ones […]

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Partnered Post/Reviews

Ten points of emigrating: what to do?

1 Comment 28 November 2013

This is a nicely succinct list of ten points written for The American Resident, useful for anyone interested in becoming an expat. If you’re still interested after reading this post, please have a further look around this site to read more about the longterm expat life, for example, try the category: Expat Life.  * * […]

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Perfect Christmas Present for Teen Girls

18 Comments 25 November 2013

Vouchers for iTunes or Miss Selfridge are so last year. What do many teen girls really want? They want to look amazing. They try on each others’ clothes, they experiment with makeup, they take photos of each other in poses they’ve copied from Vogue. All as part of the great journey towards discovering which angle, […]

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living well

Everyone should have one good photo

14 Comments 15 November 2013

Every photo, whether touched up or not is only ever one split second of you. You’re always changing, moving, blushing, growing, ageing, sighing, laughing, and blinking. Take a lot of photos. Choose the right one. Keep it. Put it on display or tuck it in an envelope to pull out every now and then to […]

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