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Weird food in other countries…

12 Comments 18 April 2012

The thing about weird food in other countries is that if you eat it often enough it stops being weird, it becomes regular and some of it even becomes new favourites. When I first went to a British BBQ I looked at the sausages that appeared so different from the hot dogs or sausage patties […]

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The question I always get asked by the British

33 Comments 17 January 2012

Ok so there are two high frequency questions. The first is a variant of “that doesn’t sound like a local accent!” which is the polite way of saying “I know you’re Canadian or American but I have learned from various media sources that it is a serious faux pas to ask where in the States […]

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A crazy British Christmas tradition

expat life

A crazy British Christmas tradition

1 Comment 23 December 2011

Over 20 years ago I first experinced a British Christmas. It was in a pretty town tucked in the majestic purple, brown landscape of Northumberland. It was spices and wine, damp cold and coal smoke. It was warm glowing lights from the windows of the honey-grey stone houses. It was when I learned how to […]

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The Token American & My New Column

8 Comments 24 November 2011

Often when I’m in a shop–especially in London, I will talk more quietly than usual. Or when I get in a taxi I’ll pretend I know the route so the cabbie doesn’t think I’m a tourist whom they can trick (I know: silly. And overly paranoid.). But sometimes, especially in my little area of Essex, […]

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