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The top 5 things I learned at CybHer blog conference

2 Comments 17 May 2012

More and more blog conferences are appearing in the UK, which is a great thing. This means there’s more opportunity in the UK to network with other bloggers and more opportunity to learn new things about blogging and writing. I learn a lot about what I do online, of course, because there are a lot […]

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14 things I learned at a blog conference

27 Comments 28 June 2011

Yes I am talking about Cybermummy11 where I learned some things I thought I’d share, in random order–some are specifically about this conference, some are more general: 1. Recognising people: Photos rarely do people justice. 2. Personalities: Bloggers are an opinionated bunch–even in real life. 3. Attacking writer’s block: Writing to music or writing when pretending […]

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I’m not one of those either

41 Comments 21 June 2011

This is not a post about Cybermummy11, the big parent blog conference happening in the UK this weekend. But it was inspired by Cybermummy. This post is about my blog niche. Or lack of one. I am not a mummy blogger. But I kind of am. I blog about my kids and parenting sometimes. I […]

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And the answer is…

15 Comments 10 May 2011

For those of you who are dying to know who The Anonymous Blogger is (met while on my road trip through Texas and Oklahoma), I shall tell you that it was Iota Manhattan. Yes indeed! And if you’re going to Cybermummy this summer you too will get the opportunity to make her acquaintance. And she’ll […]

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Meet me at Cybermummy?

21 Comments 14 March 2011

The Cybermummy date draws near. Cybermummy is the new, annual parent blogging conference in the UK and I’ve booked a ticket. I go because it’s the blogging equivalent of training day and networking event rolled into one. While not vital, I do think meeting other bloggers is important to my blogging. It’s a place to […]

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25 Really Useful Blogging Tips

57 Comments 09 December 2010

Every now and then a friend sees my blog and says ‘I’d like to do that.’ And I think Fab! I’m evangelical about blogging. I think it’s good for the soul (usually, so long as people play fair) and fun. I am not a blog expert. No way. Never will be. But over the past […]

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What do you do when you have a bit of a Woo?

14 Comments 23 November 2010

This is not just an expat blog, this is a blog by an expat who is also doing the parenting thing, the family thing, the getting on with making a life thing. And today it’s kind of a parenting blog. Or maybe a family blog. I’m being a Cybermummy today, anyway. We’ve had a few […]

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