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Family Overseas? You’ll love these!

12 Comments 30 January 2013

I saw this and thought of you… Little light boxes to share with people across the globe, connecting you all, saying ‘hello, I’m home, my lights are on’. They’re called “Goodnight Lamps” (ever read the book “Goodnight Moon”?). I don’t know the owners, they don’t know me, this is in no way sponsored I just […]

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expat life

There’s no place like home

24 Comments 02 August 2012

Ugh. Yet another emotive guest post about expat life on The American Resident to get you thinking. This post is from the brilliant writer, Emma Raphael. With my sister and her family visiting me right now, and with these expat guest posts I am having an emotional roller coaster! What about you? Our expat life […]

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expat life

An American buys a house in England

24 Comments 12 April 2012

It was always going to be a classic culture shock scenario. Cute American girl Alissa marries handsome British guy Paul and because he already has a good job in the UK or because she thinks it will be ‘neat’ to live in England or because of something else they start househunting on this side of […]

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expat life

6 Tips for Coping with Homesickness

15 Comments 13 October 2011

Homesickness is different to culture shock even though it can happen at the same time. Homesickness is the hollow feeling from deep inside that you sense can only be filled with the things you formed your life around previously–the daily hum outside your house, the scents from your street, the casual hello from a neighbour […]

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expat life

13 tips to cope with culture shock

19 Comments 06 October 2011

One of the most isolating, frustrating things that an expat can experience is culture shock. Culture shock happens to us all–and what some people don’t know (or realise) is that culture shock can also happen when we return from a visit to the homeland, not just when we first move to a new country. An […]

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expat life

How to deal with self pity

25 Comments 02 August 2011

I am working on an eBook for new expats (the novel is resting at the moment) which means a lot of time sitting inside, getting far too absorbed in the issues faced by living overseas. It is doing some minor damage. I go nuts if I’m indoors too long, thinking about one thing too much […]

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expat life

Things I wish I knew as a new expat

37 Comments 14 June 2011

This list is inspired by a new American expat in the UK, Mollie over at OK in UK. She’s sent me on a mission to round up 7 random things about me, but because I’ve already made you go through that one I thought I’d do a slightly less random list of Things I Wish […]

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expat life

My British Dreamtime

4 Comments 20 October 2010

For an expat moving from everything being new and different and exciting, to living an everyday sort of life in the host country there is a feeling of success (I’m fitting in!) but also a sense of loss. I first visited Britain during the summer after I graduated from High School.  Our vacation lasted almost […]

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