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Twice Baked Potatoes for the UK

9 Comments 24 May 2012

It sounds like a waste of time, right? Why bake the potatoes twice when once has always worked so well? American comfort food I’m not sure when or why this was developed, but I do remember I started seeing them in the States in the ’80’s and I loved them. They are a really basic […]

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Crazy Cake and Kitchen Klatter

4 Comments 02 February 2012

I wanted to tell you how I came to make Crazy Cake one summer in Oklahoma. I stayed with my grandparents for much of the summer from an early age, my summer home in the South. I spent my days dressing up Brownie, the Border Collie in my outgrown clothes, brushing her till she purred […]

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Mini Tuna Melts

10 Comments 27 June 2011

I found this on Martha’s site. I was Googling American snacks or something like that in an attempt to remember things I had in the States that aren’t common (or even known) here. I came across this snacky version of a popular American recipe. Calling this a ‘recipe’ glorifies it a bit, but anyway, here […]

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