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Mini Tuna Melts

10 Comments 27 June 2011

I found this on Martha’s site. I was Googling American snacks or something like that in an attempt to remember things I had in the States that aren’t common (or even known) here. I came across this snacky version of a popular American recipe. Calling this a ‘recipe’ glorifies it a bit, but anyway, here […]

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Pizza Pops

16 Comments 06 June 2011

Or mini calzone. ‘Pizza Pops’ is the name given to these snacks by the North American frozen food industry because it’s snappy and sounds good to kids, where Mini Calzone sounds too grown up. I guess. Call them what you will, they’re very more-ish and easy to make and yes, you can make them ahead […]

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Chicken Bites

12 Comments 23 May 2011

Chicken bites what? I know, it’s a misleading title. Anyway. It’s meant to be ‘Little bit sized pieces of chicken’ but that didn’t really work as a recipe title. I saw this on the BBC Good Food website (which I love) and immediately recognised my type of recipe: tasty and easy. Bingo! One thing I […]

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