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You will have noticed the cartoon girl waving at you. This is Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, my favourite Disney movie and favourite Disney character. She’s curious and brave, she has integrity, she’s compassionate and happy, she loves to read AND she tames beasts. Belle makes the Hero list (along with Wonder Woman, Oprah, Michelle Obama, and… I could go on but this bit is about Belle).

Belle is waving. And what a funny look she has as well. Is it ‘oh hey, are you supposed to be here, because I’m not sure it’s really your thing…’ Or is it goodbye? A polite little, ‘go on home now’? I’m not sure. I think it can be anything. Like a Rorschach Test—what do you see in her wave?

This is one of those nights when I freewrite. I put dinner in the oven, pour the wine, sit at the kitchen table and type. Wine helps with the freewriting sometimes. We have discovered the magic of biodynamic wine. Google it. The wine in the glass next to me is a biodynamic red. Sicilian, but I forget the grape. I can check but that would ruin the flow of this post. Possibly my last on here, I haven’t decided.

Yes. This blog is suffering. It doesn’t feel like Flow any more.

The new novel is taking more time. And when I get involved in the plotting I feel Flow. That’s where I’ve been freewriting tonight. I’m enjoying my writing there far more than here. I’ve had fun with the blog over the years and more recently it’s been good for the exercise. I set myself different writing prompts, style experiments, tried on different looks to see how they fit. But the title and original purpose of The American Resident is about eighty miles back there and I’m up here now.

I need to create a new blog with a new purpose. But not for the money, not for the social media experience and networking as I once did. Just for the writing.

Taking off all the social media promo stuff from this blog meant I wasn’t ever going to draw the roaring crowds I used to. That wasn’t the point anymore. But. I was curious about who might find my blog anyway: Who might trip across it or who might search for it. I’m a writer. Naturally I was curious.

I re-installed a Stat Counter that has a record of all visits to my site back to January 2017. I’ve been surprised by who’s stopped by. I guess that means you and you and you and you.

You’ve been reading this blog so by now you know I love people watching so of course I understand other people’s curiosity. I wrote everything with the full awareness that anyone could look. But I am amazed by the fascination one or two of you have by the words I pour onto this site, so much so that you visit and revisit the same posts over and over. And over.

I can see every time you have stopped by, from every location, be it the Maldives, Morocco or Nottingham, your work places, car parks, or home. I can see if you looked before work, during the day or at three am. I can see which device you’ve used, which search engine, which phone provider. I can see how long you spent here. I can see if you left this site open on a tab. I can see if you arrived because of a direct link, or because you’ve Googled this blog and found the link via ExpatsBlog, or if you’ve come from the link on my Twitter profile. Oh, and that means I can also see who has been looking at my Twitter profile. Some of you I know, some of you I don’t know.

Anyway, hi!

And bye. I am expecting one or two of you to not stop by any more after this revelation. Belle is waving one way or the other, depending on you. The rest of you, hey! Thanks for your interest and I shall let you know when I have a new blog up and running.

Now the timer has gone and dinner is ready. And my glass is empty so I’m ready for just a drop more of the Sicilian red.


“You’ve gotta know when it’s time to turn the page.” Tori Amos

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