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0 Comments 19 October 2017

On the train, in the queue at BP, walking through London, at a coffee shop, in a Michelin starred restaurant, notes from an overheard convo in a cafe in America. I am eternally fascinated by the unsaid. The patterns in language that allow us to guess what comes next, the white space between dark lines, the words held back that hold more meaning than words spoken.

Here, in no particular order. As with all my Overheard posts, these comments are also possibly slightly edited for clarity, and I claim them now:


‘I walked in and saw an orange cat on a blue sofa and I thought, “this is where I want to wait”.’


‘Doing business with them is like wrestling with eels. Not worth the bother.’


‘Skanks only know how to use skank games.’


‘I don’t understand why you said that. I still don’t understand why you said that. I don’t care if you keep repeating it, it still doesn’t help me understand it any better.’


‘Well he knows her true colours now! And he’ll tell you there isn’t any gold in her.’


‘I see you didn’t get the memo about dressing casual. Oh you did?’


‘I’m definitely more Sansa on this one. My brother is safe from me.’


‘Fuck no I’m not ready. Doesn’t matter. I’ll just…yeah. I’m not going to win. I’m going to just have a laugh, you know?’


‘We couldn’t find Cornwall. We were driving all over but we never found it. Aw mate. I don’t know we just never got there.’


‘Pasta makes perfect.’


‘When you get the eyes right almost nothing else about the face matters.’

‘The mouth too.’

‘How so?’

‘The mouth speaks what the eyes can’t.’

‘Oh, in art, yes.’

‘Everything, really.’


‘Oh! I only had three! I’m acting like I had more than three! You’d think I had too much but I only had three!’


‘Do you think if there was a you in a parallel universe you would care this much about handbags?’


‘Piecing it all together is best left to others. Let’s go to the pub.’


‘I have four names on my list: Marissa, Alissa, Talista, and Kalista.’


‘It’s difficult to find a down to earth sommelier.’


‘I’m having a quiet smoke by myself and along you come and offer up a set of coincidences like those. How can I relax after that?’


‘My god she wishes she were special.’


‘I disagree completely. Courage has nothing to do with confidence. It comes from the person not the brain.’


‘You’re all three fuckwits in your own way. But do carry on.’


‘How could she even get this book published? All that magic tree stuff. What must a publisher have thought of that when she sent it in?’


‘You can’t say things like that. People won’t call us back. Not everyone likes marmite.’


‘The dog sees the ghosts that I miss.’


‘When I had the operation they took away my belly button. Can you imagine! It’s as if I’d never been born.’


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