Overheard 2

2 Comments 30 June 2017

‘Sort of a yellow-ish pink.’

‘So… coral.’



‘Not fishy, no.’



‘Oranges are not the only lemons. No. I said that wrong.’



‘Spence knows all about this. You don’t need to ask him. He already knows. I’m serious if you ask him he’ll just–no man, I wouldn’t.’



‘She’s a horrible person.’



‘I don’t get it. Why go back if you don’t love him?’



‘This is Bob’s box. Leave it alone.’



‘All he had were short answers to long questions: yes no maybe never.’



‘Welp. Come spring we’ll see what’s left. Snows melt and all will be revealed.’



‘Fuck. I’m trying to not obsess about what happened this morning but it keeps coming back to me.’



‘But I’ll be goddamned if she didn’t turn around a whoop his ass with that plank because every-god-damned-body knows she ain’t never, never, goin’ take shit from his sorry ass again after what happened up in Ark City.’

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  1. Met Mum says:

    Number 1, 2 and the last had me in stitches ;-D

    Hope you are well, lovely lady!

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