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When I last wrote for this blog I was all about fingers in pies and social media networking. The more I connected the more money I made. All I had to do was social media harder and harder. I had private online circles of blogger friends 24 hour coffee mornings where we dipped in to talk about social media tips, gossip about how this blogger got THAT gig, support for each other when RT went tits up, that sort of awesome human stuff we do so well when we try (still in one of those groups because, because).

Now when I sit in front of the screen and start typing I can roll my shoulders and type words that might not impress Google without annoying a monkey on my back, sending it screeching about social media click bait blog titles. It’s not lonely. I had fun with that monkey, and now he’s moved on to another circus.


(There’s always a but. Sometimes, almost always, anyway.)

I’m writing a novel. I’m on my third draft. (I KNOW. You people sniggering at the back who have written 15+ drafts of your novel before it was published, shut up. I KNOW: ‘Three drafts is nothing’, yadda yadda yadda.) And as my goal is to publish this novel I will need to start thinking about social media again.

(Where’d that monkey go?)

I post on Instagram some. I’m not sure yet how it will help me as an author. I spend more time on Twitter because I like the interactions better. And it will be a better platform for when I publish. (See what I did there?) I have a Spotify account and I’ve only just started using it again but can’t see how that will help promote a book that isn’t about music. (*scribbling on a scrap of paper* tell S to think about Spotify when promoting her book about a female DJ.) I use Facebook some. It’s mostly for family and friends in the States, so not any businessy stuff at all.

I try to tweet something most days. I have no USP on Twitter, except ‘here’s a fun thing I did/saw/thought of today,’ just enough tweeting to keep the feed from drowning. I sometimes interact with peeps when I have time and I really must make time to do that more because whenever I do it I like it.

(One for The List: Do more of what I like. Ok.)

I have one strict-like-carved-in-stone rule on Twitter: it’s all true. I’ve never tweeted something made up. Scouts honour. No, really. Long, long ago in a circus far away a social media monkey told me that you can be anybody online and isn’t that cool and let’s all be somebody else and make things up because who knows, or who cares?

Only, I like who I am already. I don’t want to be anyone else. And if I get this right, I will get my novel published then when all the nationals interview me and take author photos of me at my desk (or kitchen table or in my car or in an airport lounge–I write anywhere I can take a laptop), the world will know I MADE STUFF UP ON TWITTER and I will be embarrassed. So I always tell the truth.

I guess I have another rule as well, and that’s the Respect Rule (There might be a Girl Scout badge for this one. There should be. Respect should be innate but it’s not, many people seem to have to learn it. And earn it.). Before I include any other muggle in a tweet I ask their permission and show them the post before it goes live. Often that means my Other Half, (OH). I usually know in advance if he’ll be fine with something or not, but it’s important that he has the power of veto. It’s like I’m saying, ‘look honey, see how much I am respecting your right to privacy?’

Actually, it might be like this too (hashtag confession-time): I have a secret-not-so-secret hobby/obsession with filtering iPhone photos. And I like sharing the hobby with my OH. So in a way, when I post a photo about something he and I have done, it’s me doing some attention seeking: ‘Is this photo of our wine glasses together on this cosy date night okay for me to post?’ means ‘I know you’re okay with this info about us on a cosy date night going out to the world, but what do you think of that filter? Pretty cool, huh?!’

And he’s sweet because he always compliments me and sometimes even asks how I did it.

So. Social media is fun for team building (remember the last post?), and fun for the banter avec peeps. And anyway it’s also going to be essential so I need to get the monkey back. Maybe a less screechy one this time.

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