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Summer holiday plans?

1 Comment 06 February 2014

It’s that time of year when everyone is fed up with winter and ready to think about those sunny summer holidays. We’ve been taking about ideas, that’s for sure, and sun always plays a big part in our discussions! So where will you book? Any recommendations? I’m always looking for new ideas. We love going to places in Britain and if we’re lucky we also try to book somewhere abroad. This post, in association with Flybe, offers what promises to be a great option this summer!

Parties, pleasure and exploration: Welcome to Alicante

The town of Alicante on the Spanish Costa Blanca is famous for its vibrant nightlife and has a well-deserved reputation as centre for hedonism. If you travel to the city and carry out a little independent exploration you’ll soon find that this is also a city of culture, history and so much more.

Pleasant climate all year round

One of the main reasons for the city’s popularity is its wonderful balmy climate. Even in January the temperatures hover around a comfortable 18C. This city is also easy to travel to and you can arrive in Alicante on affordable flights from the UK at any time of the year.

Exploring Alicante

If your idea of fun is to party the night away and then collapse on a sandy beach the following morning, then this is the place for you. Alternatively, if your idea of pleasure is to wander around a town to absorb a sense of its culture and history, then Alicante has castles, museums, theatres and wonderful restaurants.

Sports in Alicante

To fulfil your sense of adventure, why not skydive or paraglide? Doyouwanna is just one of the organisations that will be able to help you reach for the skies (or fall from them). The Mediterranean also offers many opportunities for diving and jet skiing for those interested in aquatic adventures. You could even fly out for a long weekend to indulge in some of these activities and then return home feeling fully invigorated.

Exploring history in Alicante

The city boasts the magnificent Saint Barbara Castle, perched high above the sandy beaches. The town museum is situated within the castle and will introduce you to the history of this region. The Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, in the centre of town, is a wonderful example of 17th century Baroque and is well worth a visit.

Restaurants in Alicante

It would be a shame to visit Alicante without sampling some of the local food. Cafés offering chips and all-English fry ups abound, but it really would be a crime to stick with British food when you’ve got the opportunity to try some of the best Valencian cooking on the Costa Brava. The Monastrell is a Michelin star establishment and it can prove pricey, but it will provide the ultimate gourmet experience. Alternatively, go to a different tapas bar every night for a truly Spanish culinary experience.


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  1. Sarah Ebner says:

    We have just written our own post wondering where we should go in the summer! Be great if you could come and have a look.

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