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American food at Ocado

5 Comments 28 November 2013

Ocado hamper

Ocado is an online grocery retailer in the UK and I use them once a week because they pack your bags from a warehouse not your local store so I rarely have substitutions in my orders. They also have great deals and they price match with one of the least expensive grocery stores inthe UK, Tescos. I often reference them when people who currently live in other countries want to know about grocery prices and availability in the UK. I love them.

And they also have a really decent American food selection! Yes, that’s right. And they’ve got someone sorting out each of the holidays so right now they have a Thanksgiving section. I find this surprisingly helpful because if I am going to make something for an American holiday that I don’t make on a regular basis, then these little mini-shops remind me of what I need. Here’s a link to the American food at Ocado, and here’s one for Thanksgiving food at Ocado.

But here’s the problem: Because I’ve lived in the UK for so long there’ve been loads of new snack foods developed in the States since I left. I love food and I will be the first to say it, I love junk food. (I also love carrots! And celery! And low-fat yogurt!) So when I click over to the American shop during my weekly Ocado order and I see something new I have to try it.

I was excited to receive an American hamper from Ocado today and it had a couple of treats I have until now had the willpower to not order. For example: Snyder’s pretzels with a honey, mustard and onion seasoning? I like pretzels but the seasoning sounded odd. Curious (as always) I opened them up. AMAZING. So, going on the theory that if I eat them all at once now or eat them slowly over the next few days it would be the same calories I ate them all in one go. And then I ate the Nutrageous, because I haven’t tried one of those yet. And then I put it all in a dark cupboard and went for a long walk to calm down.

So the problem with Ocado is all the temptation! But really that’s like being in an interview and them asking me ‘so what’s your greatest flaw‘ and me replying ‘ooo, I’m a perfectionist, I just have to get the job done right, but some people are uncomfortable with that.‘ Yeah right, some flaw. I shall just maintain my self-control if Ocado promises to keep stocking a wide variety of groceries (including the American ones).

Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating it! x


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  1. Gotta love Ocado.
    Happy Thanksgiving! x

  2. LURV OCADO!! They also have a Swedish shop and a French shop. Just saying, in case you get bored 😉
    Happy Thanksgiving. Dxx

    • Hehe, I’ve already checked those out because I love food from all over the world (not just new American snacks!) 😀 Such a cool idea isn’t it, to have the different ‘shops’?!

  3. Katy Hill says:

    Ah – Happy Thanksgiving to you lovely lady! I SO miss this time of year from when we lived in the States. And the whole “being thankful” is now something I try to incorporate into our Christmas x

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