Perfect Christmas Present for Teen Girls

18 Comments 25 November 2013

teen fashion shoots chelsea

Innocent and wild, for sure.

Vouchers for iTunes or Miss Selfridge are so last year.

What do many teen girls really want? They want to look amazing. They try on each others’ clothes, they experiment with makeup, they take photos of each other in poses they’ve copied from Vogue. All as part of the great journey towards discovering which angle, which style, which look makes them look amazing.

You’ve seen some of the photos on your daughter’s Facebook page. The girls with their hair flounced, shoulders dipped, faces pushed together so they’ll all fit in the frame and then the weird pouty thing they do (sorry, girls). You can see they’re pretty girls who are just trying to figure it all out. And you know that if they had the same treatment as the girls in Vogue, they’d be outta this world.

Wouldn’t that be the perfect present?

Last summer my daughter and I were photographed separately at Boggio Studios. You might have read about my experiences with the Home By Midnight brand here: Everyone Should Have One Good Photo. When Julia asked my daughter to model for the studio, she accepted reluctantly. But once the shoot began it didn’t take her long to get into it and enjoy it.

Like Home by Midnight, Innocent & Wild is an innovative new brand developed by internationally renown photographer, Julia Boggio. What is it? Basically, fashion photography for young ladies.

A perfect present for teen girls, this photo shoot experience is in a safe and friendly environment where the girls are photographed in an editorial fashion.

What I loved most about my daughter’s afternoon with Innocent & Wild:

Shy at first, but thoroughly enjoying the shoot by the end.

Shy at first, but thoroughly enjoying the shoot by the end.

1. The team won her trust

My daughter is very shy about having her photo taken, so I suggested she just turn herself over to the team, let them do whatever they think is best to her makeup and hair, let them make the decisions on her wardrobe and trust them to guide her in every aspect of the shoot because if she looks good, they look good. Amazingly, she took my advice and when we left she was buzzing with excitement about how much fun she had.

She will happily do a shoot again with this team because she learned she could trust them to take care of her and bring out the best on her.


"Chin down, shoulder up, just a bit it."

“Chin down, shoulder up, just a bit more…got it.”

2. My daughter has learned a few things

This isn’t a makeover or a lesson in how to present yourself, but through the different directions, ‘chin down, a bit more, shoulder up, now lean in’ and so on, she has learned a few poses that work better than others.

She has learned that her hair really does look nice down as well as up.

She has learned that you can be sexy without being tarty.

And she can keep learning through the Innocent & Wild website. My daughter and I both love the Innocent & Wild website because it showcases different looks, outfit ideas and buying guides. Perfect for a teen girl who is developing her own look.


3. She had a great time

While I was having my hair and makeup done I could see them on the other side of the studio talking about clothes and playing with her hair and accessories and looks. My daughter was smiling and laughing and really warming to the team straight away.

They left the studio to get most of their shots out and about in the local area. When they returned they were all smiling and laughing and had stories to tell: A man in a music shop saw what they were doing and offered the loan of an expensive guitar as a prop, because it matched her hair accessory. Another shopkeeper offered his brightly painted furniture for props to contrast in the urban landscape. My daughter felt part of a fun and exciting project!


4. We have beautiful photos

I said this was a perfect present for teen girls? It’s also a wonderful present for the parents and grandparents.

As a thank you for the session, Julia gave us beautiful photos of my daughter’s innocent and wild teen years that we shall cherish forever. (Yeah, that was a little cheesy of me to say, but 100% accurate–isn’t it a great brand name?!)


teen fashion shoots mayfair

Because these experienced professionals know what will appeal to girls and parents, and because they know what will make them look good.

5. Total professionalism

This photoshoot wasn’t about making my daughter look like she’s a fake tanned sleb–it was classy, stylish, beautiful and safe. I want my daughter to understand her particular beauty and how to make the most of it through how she wears clothes, hair styles and makeup.

I was pleased with the amount of retouching (they took braces off, reduced her shortsleeve tan lines, got rid of the watch tanline) and I loved that they didn’t turn her into something she isn’t.


teen makeover shoots wimbledon

No braces! The team finally convinced her to smile with her teeth.

6. Everyone is happy!

My daughter loves her photos.

I love my daughter’s photos.

I will definitely book her in again and in fact we would like to book a session for all our daughters together.

Without any reservation I can highly recommend this experience to other teen girls. It’s a confidence booster, an education, a fun and different experience in a safe and friendly environment.


teen fashion shoots london

Rock chick.


Connect with Innocent & Wild:

The website: Innocent & Wild

Innocent & Wild on Twitter

Innocent & Wild’s Facebook Page

Innocent & WIld on Pinterest

Oh, and have a look at this fun behind-the-scenes video on Vimeo: Innocent&Wild


* * *

This post was written in exchange for a photoshoot and a set of digital, retouched images from Innocent & Wild.


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  1. Sonya Cisco says:

    These photos are simply stunning! I would love to get something like this done for my teen- it is her 18th next summer, maybe with some saving I could do it!

  2. The team at Boggio Studios are amazing, though I can’t imagine they needed to do much to the images they took of your stunning daughter!

  3. Absolutely amazing images!! They are like model portfolio images!! What a fantastic idea!

  4. Mammasaurus says:

    How beautiful – so so stunning x

  5. Wow wow wow!
    I would love to do this for my girls when they are older!

  6. jenny paulin says:

    wow just wow! Your daughter is beautiful and these photos do her so much jutsic. you can see how she is a little unsire in some and then that gorgeous smile! what a wonderful way to send some special mum and daughter time x

  7. Oooh that really is a great gift idea for teens!! And isn’t your daughter simply beautiful!!!

  8. Wow, your girl is stunning. These are just such beautiful photos. A truly lovely gift idea, too.

  9. Amanda says:

    This is so blinkin amazing. It really is the perfect gift for a teen to unleash the inner rock chic.

  10. Liz Burton says:

    Oh my goodness what a stunning young lady. I would have LOVED to have something like this of me when I was that age. What a gorgeous memento of that time.

  11. HPMcQ says:

    what a gorgeous girl you have x

  12. Gosh, isns’t she gorgeous Michelle, what a great gift for a young woman. Mich x

  13. Wow! She’s a stunner, never mind the pics! Great idea for a gift :)

  14. Emma says:

    Wow! Beautiful, beautiful photos of a beautiful girl. xxx

  15. Melissa says:

    What a beautiful girl you have. Like mother like daughter.

  16. Rebecca says:

    Wow – she’s stunning and the photos are amazing.

    What a great confidence boost for anyone.

  17. Pinkoddy says:

    I shall pass this information on to my cousin, whose daughter is growing up too fast. It looks like a great idea and those photos are gorgeous.

  18. She’s a stunner. Clearly taking after her mum :-) xx

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