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Chapter one...

Chapter one…

If you were to choose your top five posts on your blog, what would you choose, and why?

My top five favourite posts aren’t necessarily the posts that get the most comments. Those are usually the very emotive posts or the competitions (you can see those in that black box in my sidebar).

I have a list of post ideas, and a handful of posts in drafts waiting for the right day or the right inspiration, but not one of my favourite posts came from either of those lists. These were all spontaneous, flash bulb moments, ‘ah! I’ll write about this!

1. Jamie Lloyd’s Macbeth

One of my favourites is my review of Macbeth. In the spring I went to Jamie Lloyd’s Macbeth because we had a GCSE student studying it and a Gap Year student who was working hard to get into drama schools and the dystopian interpretation starring Clare Foy and James McAvoy would be a great learning and talking point for her. I never planned to review it. But when I was sitting there five feet from the actors on the opening night, spellbound by the set and the rugged, visceral beauty of the production I realised I really wanted to write about it. So I began scribbling notes on my little notebook flat on my lap in the dark and as soon as I got home that night I was compelled to put my experience into words. I loved it. On so many levels. I’ll let you see how much in my review, Jamie Lloyd’s Macbeth. Links to this review were post by others across IMDB and several fan sites.

2. The Scent of Coffee

I write posts for money sometimes, but regular readers will know that they’re very hard to distinguish from my other posts because I try hard to make them as entertaining and/or interesting as the rest of my posts. How can I not? That’d be unfair on my readers and embarrassing to me to publish something substandard. I never want to make excuses for what I write. I was asked to do a quick post (deadline: tomorrow) with a link to a couple of brands selling coffee cups and coffee and so I thought how can I make this interesting? What came out of my fingertips was something I didn’t expect but I thoroughly enjoyed, The Scent of Coffee. A lot of honesty in coffee!

3. The Little Grief

When I dropped my husband, my brother and some friends at the airport for a week away playing golf I was slapped up side the head with a tidal wave of words. Perhaps it was the moon, or hormones but when I watched them walk away I felt an overwhelming urge to stop the car and write about all the thoughts that washed over me right then. Unfortunately, I was in a 5 minute drop off zone and had I pulled over I might have suffered a £50 fine so I drove home, writing it in my head instead, and then immediately sat down and tapped out the words that became a post, which seemed to touch a lot of people across social media, The Little Grief.

4. Forty-three is a Good Age for a Blue Rinse

I always try to have at least a version of the truth in my blog posts. Writing about the realities of being an American woman living in Britain, a 40+ year old woman trying to Do Her Own Thing as well as support a family doing Their Own Things, is what makes sense to me on this blog. Sometimes that means sending myself up a little, making fun of myself because you can only live lightly if you don’t take yourself too seriously. Forty-three is a Good Age for a Blue Rinse was a fun post to write and really fun seeing the reactions from people as a result of reading it–more than one reader now has a strip of coloured hair as a result!

5. An American Buys a House in England

Every now and then I see an expat story that I feel strong emotions about–usually sympathy, and I want to share it with others. Watching Location Location Location featuring an American woman as she discovered the realities of real estate in the UK was one of those times. I wanted to make a cup of tea for her and sit down with her and give her my support. Instead I began typing out a blog post that became An American Buys a House in England, one of my most searched for posts according to my StatCounter.

* * *

So what about you? What post of yours is your favourite and why? Please leave a link in the comments, I’d love to see yours.

Or, if you’re not a blogger, I hope you enjoy reading some of these old favourites of mine!


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  1. Iota says:

    What a varied writer you are! Such a range of posts – style and content both.

  2. I read them all…and enjoyed each and every one! A great idea, to collect a few of your favourites. I think you have a blogging party with that one!
    Warm wishes from Saigon… xx

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