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A room of my own

14 Comments 12 September 2013

office furniture

Time for an office.

That image is a bit dramatic, I do really have a desk. But it’s in a corner of the dining room and I am forever getting people to sit in such a way so they don’t have to gaze upon the mess of desk. This is where I keep all the scraps of paper, files and pens and whatever else that goes with all the officy admin stuff I do and all the writing I do. The nerve centre looks more like a bundle of nerves. But thank goodness for laptops because I often pick mine up and move to another part of the house when I’m doing something far more serious than bills, like writing.

We have space above the garage that may be turned into an office one day. My ideal plan for this office would be:

1. A big window so I can see across the garden and countryside.

2. A large desk so I have plenty of room for computer, notes, lamp, mug of coffee or glass of wine.

3. Comfortable chair that encourages good posture, because when I’m concentrating I get into a weird position at the edge of my chair, with a slightly twisted back. I have no idea why I do this.

4. Bookshelves. Right now we have lovely alcove shelves built by my husband who thought he was doing a good thing (and it was a very good thing) but he completely underestimated my love of books. The books are stacked in every which way on the shelves and the simple answer is that we need more. I could thin out the relevant books–reference titles, for example and put those in my amazing office.

5. Maybe a kettle. Or maybe not. It would probably be good for me to have to get up out of my comfortable chair and walk to the kitchen for a break.

6. Two doors. Not two doors into the office but a door at the office then another door at the entrance to the garage area. Two reasons: it blocks the sound better, either from the TV or conversations in the rest of the house or from me playing music while I write, but also because if Raffy knows someone is on the other side of a closed door he gently paws at it until it’s opened. He never tires, he just goes on and on and on and on until the door is opened. It drives me nuts.

7. No phone.


I once saw an office on Pinterest that was a beautiful cupboard by day and a mini office by night. Open the doors and you got an amazingly well thought out office space with a desk area, filing, shelves, pin board and lamp. Very clever. But then if you have that you never have a place to disappear off to, a place to have some breathing room and to concentrate on Stuff.

The other day I read that John Steinbeck got so fed up with being interrupted (Yes! Even John Steinbeck got interrupted while writing–what were they thinking?!) that he converted a station wagon into a mobile office space and would get in a drive off somewhere quiet to work. Not a bad idea if the garage thing doesn’t work out…

If you could have anything in an office and the space to make one, what would you have in your ideal office? Or are you happy with a table in the corner?




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  1. Lucy says:

    I took the plunge this summer and converted our dining room into a snug/study. We are selling the dining furniture and have replaced it with an Edwardian desk in front of the window, a bureau, two armchairs and our inherited piano. It’s the room I’ve always wanted!

  2. You *so* know the answer to this particular question! But for the sake of those who don’t: I feel that environment for writing (especially) is critical and every writer needs a vanishing cupboard, a growlery, or other secret place to disappear into. I decided to recreate a 1920s detective-style office. I bought a suitable Do Not Disturb sign. I disconnected every phone within hearing distance. My three novels are the result.

  3. Grenglish says:

    My husband has a Man Cave that I am slowly turning into an office for me to sit and tap away on my keyboard in peace. He is reluctantly letting me set up a desk so long as he can still keep all his vinyl in there and pop in to listen to one every now and then.

  4. Iota says:

    A “growlery”! I love that word.

    I want a desk that isn’t the admin desk. I want to sit at a desk where I’m not surrounded by piles of paper and stuff to sort out. I achieve this by putting them in one big pile and putting it on the floor, so I suppose I’ve found a way round the problem.

    I like the view from my current desk. At the end of our front garden is a high wall. It’s a perfect privacy screen, except when a double decker bus goes by. It amuses me whenever a bus passes, as the wall comes half way up the bus, to the bottom of the top deck window, so it looks as if the passengers are sitting on a kind of conveyor belt going along the top of the wall. It’s a distraction, but a good one.

    • Good point! A desk that isn’t the admin desk would be so much more inspiring. Maybe THAT’S why I often pick up my laptop from the desk and move somewhere else to write.

  5. Nell Heshram says:

    We’ve just set up an office in one of the loft conversion rooms! Whoop whoop! I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, though – my problem’s finding the time, not the space…..

    A converted outhouse/vehicle does sound like a good option, though!

  6. Jean | says:

    Michelle, I don’t recommend a large desk. If you could see MY large desk today, you’d see why! I’ve been working at “de-piling” it for several hours and haven’t made a dent!

    • Jean | says:

      By the way, I really DO recommend a large desk! Just don’t get “carried away” with it like I do! 😀

    • Hahahaha! I really did laugh out loud when I read this. I can relate to that so perhaps I shouldn’t have a large desk after all…

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