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Why time travel is like being an expat

9 Comments 22 August 2013

time travel

Time and time again…

Imagine it, if time travel were possible, we’d have a whole new niche of bloggers, not travel bloggers but Time Travel bloggers. There’d be forums and networking sites helping people with the different issues that come up with travelling through time. The sites would be dedicated to different centuries, and sub-divided into different parts of the world. Companies would start following us on Twitter offering services to make the travel easier (Cheap Time Travel deals with us!).

And then, what of the people who decide not just to travel to that other time, but who decide to stay and make a life there? Another niche! The Time Expats. Forum questions would be things like: Do I need a visa to work in centuries before 1900? Or, do they have hairdriers in the 1700s or do I need to bring my own? (Stupid questions, you say? Well.. Look at some of the expat forum questions around at the moment.)

The Time Expats might refer to existing expat sites for guidance on how to approach the culture shock, homesickness and other maladies of expats today. There are obvious similarities between time travel and being an expat: potential language barriers (even in English speaking countries), diseases that our bodies aren’t used to (ones that have long since died out or evolved into different strains), different food (What?! No MCDONALDS?! Nope.), and different opportunities that people from another time can take adavtange of (for good or bad).

If this idea intrigues you, my friend Duncan who has featured here before with his guest post Postcards from the Early Years, has written a very short, succinct piece called Villamkard that you may enjoy–it’s a 30 second treat, check it out!

Also, if time expats could learn a thing or two from regular ol’ traditional expats, could us trad-expats learn a thing or two from time expats?


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  1. I love this post and this idea. You are so completely spot on! I am cracking up over the hairdryer comment – you would definitely find that more than once. Thanks for the laugh!

  2. This is a very funny post Michelle. I’ve heard people exclaiming with delight, ‘Hey! They have pizza.’ This was in Italy….
    And thanks for the plug. Strange I should have written my story at a time you were writing this, and that I dedicated it to you. Spooky or what?

  3. Russell says:

    Have you been on the hard liquor, Michelle?! Haha. Wasn’t sure what to expect with this post and I’m laughing now :)

  4. I enjoyed it, Michelle. The things expats miss while abroad are likely to resemble what we’d miss if we’d traveled back (or even forward!) in time. Instead of the site Skyscanner, there’d be Timescanner…

  5. Michelle, the short story you tagged in this post has had 299 reads. Thanks for the boost.

  6. Iota says:

    That’s a hilarious idea.

    There’d definitely be frequent traveller points, which you could redeem for treats. What would the treats of the future be, I wonder?

  7. Wonderful,and so true!

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