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Where’ve you been?

7 Comments 15 August 2013

world map tattoo

One way of keeping track. That’s not me, by the way.

How do you keep track of where you’ve been?

Photos stored in multiple places?

Journals with ticket stubs and pressed flowers?

Apps on yoru phone or Facebook?

Well-thumbed travel guides?



This image from MapPorn on Reddit.



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  1. Incredible tattoo!

    Memory for me, although it’s not too reliable :)

  2. Memory, for me. I’ve travelled in 70 countries in my long life***, and could – at a pinch – recite all of them in order, give or take… If I ever forget one, I’ll know it’s time to go back there!
    *** mostly in the ’60s as a young man, with a girl I met in Greece. I blog about them, which keeps my memory fresh.

  3. iota says:

    Memory. If I don’t remember it, then perhaps it wasn’t that great!

  4. Memory, photos, and guidebooks on the bookshelf. And now, of course, Facebook check ins.

  5. Actually I used to keep load of scrapbooks with all the stubs of places I’d been too. Then when we moved from London I threw all of them out – along with all my old Lonely Planet books. I really regret it. And now i think, all threw out of all my diaries of my Middle East travels.

    • Ouch! That must hurt! I never kept a diary of my Middle East travels, and we have very few photos. I’ve blogged about them in recent times, but of course memory is selective. Read those blogs and see if any of them ring a bell for you. (Start with the one labelled T-7 in April 2012, “Cattle Class to Kuwait”. T- is for “Travel”.) Email me if they do!

  6. Been to 37 countries, stayed in countless cities/towns/villages. I always used to make a journal, and use those instead of photographs to remember. Memory is the big one, but a journal can give it a jog.
    Having said that, when we went to China we took photograhs, but not as many as you might think. We did hoard ticket stubs, programmes from entertainments, even paper chopstick wrappers…

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