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What would you do with a lottery win?

6 Comments 13 August 2013

I remember when the national lottery first arrived in the UK shortly after I moved here (yes, that long ago). It was a Big Saturday Night Event. A fever gripped the country. People carefully calculated different number combinations, birthdays, significant events, favourite numbers, and bought their pink tickets, then kept them carefully in wallets, and that Saturday evening were glued to the TV to watch the ping pong ball numbers come up. It seems like it was right next to (or in the middle of?) a cheesy Saturday night Noel Edmunds’ show with Mr Blobby. I have the two linked in my memories at least, maybe only because I always felt as ridiculous as Mr Blobby after I spent two pounds on a lottery ticket and never won (ok, I won £10 a few times).

But that didn’t stop the planning. You know, the conversation starter, ‘if you won the lottery what would you spend it on?’

Or, the second most popular lottery related question, ‘would you tell?

Not sure if I would tell, I might go crazy with all the letters asking for help that the lottery winners-gone-public receive. But it would be tough to not tell some people. The two questions above are linked for me. It would be hard to keep it a secret from a few people because I would want to spend my money first to pay off any outstanding debts of mine, second to help my family and friends. That’s not because I’m a good person but because it would just feel good to do that. After that? It would depend on a lot of things.

My husband has always wanted to set up some sort of a trust to help disadvantaged kids. I’d go for that. It’s important to help others and giving kids a great start that they might not have otherwise would be a fantastic way to spend money. After that? I think it would be great to have a house in the States and a house in the UK. As an expat the ideal way to spend my Big Win would be to have the best of both of my worlds. I would probably have that second home in Texas, where most of my rellies are; if I had a massively big win I might also have a house in Minnesota, where most of my US friends are.

After that? As an expat I also love to travel. So I would also like to spend some of the money on the round-the-world trips I’ve dreamed of. Having enough money to stay in places for longer than a couple of weeks, to really get to know the place would be amazing. Where would I go? That’s a long list. I saw this article on round-the-world trips in the Metro a few years ago and that got me really thinking. In no order my incomplete list includes: North Africa, Russia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Canada Scandinavia, South East Asia, China, Japan, Argentina, Chile, Australia and New Zealand, Easter Island, Antartica… (When I said ’round-the-world’ that’s exactly what I meant!)

It may surprise you to know that I’d also love to travel more of the States, as part of that long-term travel experience. Although I’ve seen a lot of my home country, there’s parts of the States I’ve never been to and I’d love to see and get to know those areas better.

But until then, so long as I have enough money to pay the bills, get a few breaks with my family, save some, give some to charity, then I know I’m doing well (this is one reason I really apreciate my readers alllowing me to do the sponsored posts during quiet times to help with paying those bills!).

And yes, I will still have a little flutter with the lottery from time to time, because you never know…

Well, what would you do with a lottery win?



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  1. The Fool says:

    Thinking about this question was what used to get me through long runs. Amazing how much time you can spend thinking about it!
    I’d like to buy a small holding so I could grow/raise my own food. Travelling would definitely be on the list too, I’ve always wanted to do the Trans Siberia railway, would be incredible.

  2. Tammy says:

    Our lotteries here in the States get pretty big, and we have the same question over here. (Depending on what State you live in, you might not be able to accept the win anonymously.)

    I’ll (I love how I used future tense!) buy a house with some land, and book a round the world trip. Of course charities will be involved. I have several causes that are near and dear to my heart.

    After that, figure out what I want to be when I grow up, with the luxury of not having to work as I figure it out. Basically the money would give me a chance to find the real me.

  3. iota says:

    Buy a holiday house. Or a few. Travel with my kids. Employ a dog-walker/dog-trainer. Set up a charitable trust and give lots of it away, in fun, make-a-difference ways.

  4. Claire says:

    I am British, but have spent most of my life in America. I have twice attempted to return to the UK, Essex to be exact. I had such a difficult time there. Even got assaulted by a group of girls that were not fans of Americans. What is your secret? Don’t you miss America? I am perpetually torn as my family reside in the UK. Any thoughts?

    • I miss America terribly! And I miss my American family and friends terribly! My ‘secret’ I suppose is to just see them as two equally wonderful but very different places, cherishing what I have in both places. I don’t have the money to go home every year but fortunately my family (but not all) visit me in the UK on years when I can’t go home.

      I have had my best ‘interactions with locals’ so to speak, in Essex so I’m really sorry to hear about your experience.

      The times when everything comes crashing down are when there are family events that I’m missing–weddings, funerals, significant birthdays. Then there’s nothing for it but to just speak to people via Skype, phone, whatever and look at the photos/videos afterwards (if relevant, of course) and accept that this is my situation.

      I wish I had better advice to give. Will you try again to move back to the UK, do you think?

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