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1 Comment 20 August 2013

Yes, this could have been me.

Yes, this could have been me. Sort of.

I saw this image and I smiled (and maybe even LOL’d a little) but not because I thought ‘what an idiot!‘ I was thinking, yep, got that T-shirt. I’ve done things like this. Don’t we all? No? Well.


It could be that the rain was only a mist and he was thinking, ‘why open it all the way up, why in fact use one at all? But it’s misty. Maybe misting a lot. I’ll just hold this above my head like so, just in case.’

Or he was thinking ‘now if we could use that further quadrant for those XRT-35 tests then we could fire plenty of 915’s and if we do that before 9 am tomorrow then we–oh, rain. We could also use the quadrant we were talking about last night to test 40 or the 302s…

Or maybe, ‘effing broken umbrella, effing thing, stupid effing umbrella…

Possibly, ‘I can hardly text and open an umbrella at the same time, now can I?

* * *

A close friend of mine tells me I think too much.

But surely this is how stories start? Rumination on a theme, until you hit the right note.

Happy writing!




Image from humortrain.com


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1 comment

  1. Mary says:

    Haha! You’ve certainly made me chuckle. Keep on ruminating…and writing… :-)

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