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Think no one can take good photos of you?

8 Comments 05 July 2013

home by midnight

Before… and after!

Aging. She and I have a love/hate relationship.

She must love me because she spends so much time on me; I hate her because she spends so much time on me.

I would rather age than not (you know the chirpy ol’ saying “growing old is better than the alternative!“), and with age comes wisdom (but not as much as I had hoped for).


There’s that thing that happens the first time you look in the mirror in the morning. You realise you looked better than this with a cheap whisky hangover at university. That sucks. You Google ‘face exercises’ to see if it’s an urban myth or if it’s something that really works. You start to sneak into people’s laptops deleting photos of you. (No, not really but you fantasise about it. Actually, I have a male friend who really does do that and ever since he told me, I now fantasise about doing the same.) In the evening you stand in front of that bathroom mirror and gently lift the skin at your temples, just…to…see… And you consider what would be worse: people finding out you had a face lift or not having one.

My forty-plus years have given me liberation and sadness. I am liberated to feel much more ok about things that I used to get worked up about. I am sad that I wasted so many years getting worked up.

I look at old photos of myself–only a few years ago, in my 30’s for Pete’s sake, and think, “Seriously? You were worried about what you looked like? You idiot.” And then I try to learn my lesson and enjoy what I look like now so I don’t have a repeat telling-off in 10 years.

I am not vain, but I do like to look good. We all have benchmarks, and if we’re even remotely healthy our benchmarks are ourselves on a good day–not a starving model with a team of stylists and a large bank balance. I have several benchmarks, including my family members–I would love to be as fit and healthy as my mom at 70, for example (she and my dad climbed the Andes only a couple of years ago!). I guess my current benchmark is the Michelle of those age 30-something photographs. Which is silly. But healthier than a supermodel.

But wouldn’t it be cool, just once, just to see what a team of amazing stylists could do with the 40-something Michelle? That’s what I thought. I wouldn’t want to do it everyday, sounds far too time-consuming, but I wish I could see what they would do with me now.

Well, wishes do come true!

A fairy godmother came into my life by the name of Julia Boggio, the amazing photographer. She has several unique, quality photographic experiences available but the one I like best is the Home by Midnight brand. Aimed at people Just Like Me (!), she has a whole team who style you, do your hair and make up (and show you a trick or two while they’re at it) and then the magic photography starts. You don’t have to worry about a thing–you’re told just how to stand and smile and everything in order to enhance your best features.

I’m not trying to sell it to you, and I endorse this brand because I love it (I am not reimbursed for this post) and because I think Julia is one of the few people who could win my trust enough for me to work with her. Julia is a really down-to-Earth, fun, charismatic person who will put you completely at your ease.

Here’s a quote I love from one of Julia’s videos:

“The one rule I have is that everybody looks great in my photographs!”

And guess what, you don’t need to buy a thing because there’s a £2000 prize draw giveaway!

Think no one can take a good photo of you anymore? Ready to be proven wrong? (Did you see those before and after photos??) Enter the draw! Just click on the link below to read the rules and enter.

Win a £2,000 photography package at Home by Midnight!

Want to see Julia in action photographing Vintage Boudoir? Check out this video of Julia Boggio!

Want to know more about Julia Boggio studios, and see more before and after shots? Just click: Julia Boggio




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  1. Aly says:

    Entered.being 4″11 I would like to see them try to make me look good.

  2. Helen The good life mum says:

    Is that you in the above pics? I have to say your a beautiful woman in your befor shots, you look brill health and calm you dont need to worry at all plus you look more 28 than 40 you lucky lady. As for your after shots well i think i just walked into monsoon and your a dress model very pretty indeed

  3. bex says:

    Hello lovely fellow expat!!
    I just wanted to recommend a wonderful, very talented photographer. She does boudoir photography but its executed in quite a classy way. It may not be for everyone but I thought I’d suggest it as I know you live here like me (and I’ve had my photos done by her as well). She’s very professional, makes you feel very comfy and like a million dollars!! I highly recommend her!! Her name is Emma Jones and she’s in Manchester. Check out her website :)

  4. Those before and afters are amazing – really special. Ageing looks really good on you!

  5. Mari says:

    Sounds fabulous and kicking myself for not entering now, hopefully she’ll do another one sometime soon?

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