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Where I Live: Vignettes of Green

8 Comments 14 May 2013

green collage

Well yes. Living in England in May all you see is a rainbow of green.

The field that rolls away from my house down to the river wears a coat of bluegreen kitten fur, newly sprouted wheat that I want to run my hand slowly across.

A hedgerow, with the redgreen of tough, old Hawthorns, reaches up and away from the river valley.

Giant oaks, spaced along the hedgerow, reminders of an ancient boundary, are among the last to push out new leaves, all yellowgreen and glowing, billowing like clouds over the landscape.

Visiting London, I see the hard lines of stone buildings softened by the majestic green London plane trees, great blocks of green filling London’s squares and open spaces.

I looked around my house to see how much green reflects the world outside.

Green is my recently discovered wardrobe colour. I visited Howick in Scotland recently and found a couple of beautiful cashmere jumpers in a seconds shop attached to one of the several cashmere jumper factories. I LOVE them. One is a sort of olive green that I thought about with a frown on my face, not sure if it would work or not. I tried it on, husband said yes, and in a decision to push my wardrobe boundaries I bought it. It has now become my favourite pub jumper. It’s cosy and comfy and a bit chunky and olive does indeed work. The other jumper is almost teal but not quite blue enough. It’s more fitted and has pretty button detailing on the sleeves and over all just a bit daintier. Maybe it’s more Gastro Pub.

When I got them home, thinking I was introducing a new colour to my wardrobe, I saw that in fact I had several other green tops, and even a pair of classic leather ankle boots with a patch of green elastic (a classic with a twist)–all had slipped surreptitously

into my wardrobe until green made up a significant section of my stuff. I even have green wellies (I say ‘even’ because wellies come in every colour now thanks to music festivals, having progressed far beyond dull green to fill the demand of fashion conscious partiers, but I’ve decided to go retro and return to dull green). No not Hunters, I chose Le Chemeau this time because they had better reviews. With lovely neoprene liners for those chilly, wet English days.

I have several houseplants–I love houseplants. I’d have more if we had better positioned windowsills or tables by windows. And if husband would let me. I’m pushing his houseplant boundaries. I like outdoor ‘rooms’, little spaces of comfort where we can sit and enjoy the outdoors, and I love indoor green, areas of plants in the house create a subtly changing space adding more character and life and oxygen to the rooms.

And green in the photo mosaic up above?

1. I gathered together some of my green books for the occasion, an eclectic mix! Very representative of my reading habits.

2. There’s a pretty cooking apple blossom on a branch reaching over the chicken coop.

3. Then the inside of a quilt made by my great grandmother, the other side is a crazy patchwork of scraps of cloth from old shirts, curtains and whatever else was around when she decided to make it nearly 100 years ago.

4. An olive tree on my windowsill and an old green glass bottle I found in the garden.

5. The dull green wellies with their bright neoprene liner. They’re sitting on one of the old scaffolding boards we’ve salvaged from the council for making out compost boxes and raised vegetable beds.

6. A church window with the trees beyond, taken during a visit with my parents, it was one of the few clear glass windows we came across and was strikingly pretty in it’s simple contrast.

7. My husband and brother-in-law playing croquet on a hot day in the cool shade at a National Trust property last summer.

8. My asparagus fern, grown because I loved the giant one my mom grew that one of our cats used to sleep in.

9. Mint growing in a pot on the patio for cooking and mojitos (and maybe Pimms too).

10. The green clothes from my wardrobe; the chunky one at the bottom is the olive pub jumper.

11. A painting by my (step)daughter of a scene in Minnesota; tall pines in the evening.

12. My family and our neighbour on a walk to the local pub last summer for the beer festival. He’s leading the way, showing us a new path through a different pretty field and past a ford where I can imagine kids playing and catching frogs on long hot summer days.

13. The classic ankle boots with a green twist.

14. An enchanting moment on the famous walk behind my house.

15. The spider plant in the bathroom because they’re so easy to grow and so pretty and so good for the air we breathe, that I had to.

16. And finally an airplane map of Northern Minnesota as we flew over it to visit my relatives in Texas. I was happily surprised to see my small hometown listed on the map–I could sort of wave at my parents before continuing another thousands miles to the rest of my family. I’ve included this because although not in my house, it’s part of me, the travelling home, and it was entertaining to see more than one home, in a way, on the same visit.

. . .

Now over to you. Your prompt this week: Green! Did you guess? I wanted something more visual this week for those of you who like to use images more on your blogs and green is one of my favourite colours. Take photos, collect things for a collage, write vignettes with or without images experiment, play with it, be creative! (PS I used Pic Monkey for the photo mosaic above, if you’re interested.)

Then come back here and leave a link to your post before next Tuesday and check out what others have done.

And the prize this week, the third of four weeks of prizes celebrating this new Linky? Sticking with the green theme, I have the green Earth for you, and some sparkly glow in the dark stars (as usual, I will post these anywhere in the world):

globe ball

Remember blow-up globe beach balls? And the glow in the dark stickers as well, of course. My daughter has constellations of these above her bed, just as I did when I was little.

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8 Comments so far

  1. That is such a great mosaic! Will have to look through my photos, sure I have lots of greenery as we love visiting gardens.

  2. Iota says:

    Vignettes is a great word.

    I’m enjoying your daughter’s painting – and your photos too, of course.

  3. Such a pretty collage, I had forgotten how green green it is in England. here the weather is fabulous but all the hills are brown – golden they call it here. Oakland is such a mish mash (mish marrrsh they pronounce it here) of potholes, gorgeous forests , great restaurants and crime.

  4. Mammasaurus says:

    Oh now loving the greens, I too have an olive jumper that I adore. Right I’m off to take some photos !

  5. I LOVE those boots! Beautiful pictures. I’m growing into green. It used to make me look ill, but now that I’m older my skin tone must have changed, as it’s flattering. I’m very envious of your jumper collection!

  6. Naomi says:

    Love all of that green! We have created a #WorldColors project and would love for you to jump in and play WITH us! http://naomihattaway.com/category/worldcolors/

    This month is Blue … we explore a new color every month and then share our amazing finds both around our neighborhoods and via our travels!

  7. Sonya Cisco says:

    I adore green, the colour of new growth! Beautiful! Have linked up this week, and actually this should have been the post for where I would take you on a walk- but I was too slow, but all the recent rain meant a beautiful green walk today!

  8. Love this one! You totally had me searching for green this weekend. I love your Linky! And as for your wellies and ankle boots, I’m loving those too!

    Karin x

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