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20 Comments 20 May 2013


I kind of like the antennas, what do you think?

In a month and a day BritMums Live, the biggest parent blogging conference in the UK will begin and I will be there to welcome you along with the rest of the team of BritMums Butterflies! We’re a friendly bunch of bloggers who are excited to help all the conference attendees who are a bit nervous, have a few butteflies (geddit?) and who will generally love some company to check out different sessions at the conference.

Our aim is to help you make the most of BritMumsLive!

How to find the BritMums Butterflies?

You can find us first in the main hall–we’ll be easy to find! Then there will be a Butterfly table in each of the session rooms and many of them will have one of us sitting at them.

You can also find us to have a chat before the conference.

– We’re on the BritMums Blog

– We’ll be on Twitter–just use #britmumsbutterflies and you can check out the list I’ve started here (ask me to be added to the list so you’re more easy to find!):

– And on Facebook: BritMumsButterflies Facebook Group

Please stop by and say hello on any or all of these sites!

Also, please feel free to email us or leave a comment to start a conversation, ask advice, or simply introduce yourself.

My top tips for attending BritMumsLive

1. Plan ahead

One of my top tips for attending this conference is to check out the BritMumsLive Agenda and see what sessions you’re really interested in attending. And don’t feel you have to attend every session! I often take a session off at conferences for a break and for an opportunity to meet other bloggers.

2. Other bloggers

Make a private list on Twitter, scribble names in a notebook, whatever; make note of the people you’d like to meet at BritMumsLive and let them know on Facebook, Twitter or in their blog comments.

Join in the #britmumsbutterflies chats on Twitter and Facebook to see who else is attending, and find out who is interested in the same sessions as you.

If you have some online blog buddies who are also going to BritMumsLive, why not suggest that several of you meet at the tube and walk to The Brewery together!

3. Add a new name to your list

Another top tip is to set yourself a challenge to add one new blogger to your list of contacts. Many of you will have met other bloggers before so you’ll be looking for those familiar faces–and that’s part of the fun (in fact that’s probably my favourite part of the conference!) but set yourself a challenge to meet and chat with at least one new person before the conference is over. Get their blog name and after the conference stop by their blog and say hello!

More details about the Butterflies and the conference

As well as a table in the main hall, there will be a butterfly symbol on a table in each session. Sit here if you want to say hello to one of us (in many of the sessions there will be a BritMums Butterfly at one of these tables), and maybe meet new people.

Look for us–we’re looking forward to meeting you!


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20 Comments so far

  1. Aly says:

    I’m as yet not going (I’ve entered a comp to win a ticket) but this is such a brilliant idea.P.S you make a lovely butterfly.

  2. Mammasaurus says:

    I think antennas are the way forward, I agree with Aly – you make a lovely butterfly!

    It’s not long to go now and I must admit I’m really looking forward to it. Last year was my first BritMums Live and i loved it so I have high hopes for this year.

    Apologies that I haven’t joined in with Where I Live again this week, I had grand plans of going off this morning and taking some photos but I’m still feeling poorly and haven’t had an energy. I’ll join in this weeks one on pain of death I promise x

  3. You’re already making a beautiful Butterfly Michelle! Looking forward very much to meeting you and working with you :)

  4. Iota says:

    You make a great butterfly!

  5. There were such busy friendly butterflies last year good to know this year’s crop will be just as good!

  6. You make a very pretty green butterfly. Looking forward to this. Mich x

  7. Ooo the lesser spotted American Resident? I love it. Antennas are definitely the new errr… black. Looking forward to catching up with the butterflies at BML – and the symbol on each table is a great idea!

  8. What a lovely butterfly you do make! Look forward to meeting you at the conference. X.

  9. DownsSideUp says:

    Gorgeous butterfly! Last year I was a nervous newbie and you all really made such a difference and made me feel better, and immediately welcome. Can I still come and see you this year as a nervous second-timer!

  10. Is that your natural wing colour? So excited you’re a Butterfly this year. We were just planning the Butterfly space and where it’s going to be yesterday.

  11. I have always just coasted, but I love the idea of jotting down the names of people I actually want to meet! Green really suits you too!

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