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7 Comments 23 April 2013

where I live

Yep, cities are grimy but graffiti like this a nice surprise!

What do you love about where you live?

I have my favourite things, what are yours?

Is it the way the light hits the trees in the mornings, melting the frost on the leaves,

or the way spring overflows the roadsides in foamy whites and lush, pale greens,

or the friendliness of the people even if you don’t speak the same language?

Is it the way even in a grimy city you can find beautiful street art layered across concrete canvasses,

or the busy river port with dhows lined up five deep, loading cargo to go to India and Africa, the scent of the nearby spice market hanging over the water,

or is it the window seat suntrap in your living room, blissfully warm no matter what time of year?


Or… don’t love where you live?

I’ve been there too.

And I know surroundings have a big impact on how we feel.

More accurately, how we perceive our surroundings has a big impact on how we feel.

(I’m a believer in the theory that city planning and architecture should be created with this in mind.)

So what helped me when I was living in one of the grottiest parts of the East End of London was to keep looking at the things I did love where I lived.

I had to ignore the crack spoons in the hedge on the way to the tube station each morning, and ignore the grey dirt that stained the bottom of every building, and ignore the number of times the cops came knocking on our door asking if we had heard or seen anything last night…

And instead I would think about the history all around me (I love history in a place); the East End is full of interesting stories!

Or I spent a lot of time in the Bethnal Green library. Not just because I love books (and the smell of books), but I also loved the place, a pretty old Victorian building. Ok, so it was built originally as a wing of a ‘lunatic asylum’, on the site where once stood a well known ‘private madhouse’, but now all those poor souls’ stories have been exorcised by other stories in the books, and it has become a relaxing haven.

And one of my favourite discoveries in Whitechapel was curry! Yes, it’s true. I had never tasted curry until I lived in Whitechapel. And then I became a curry addict (it’s almost as good as Tex Mex).

I know there were messy, grimy, nasty parts of where I lived for seven years, but I remember mostly the good stuff, the interesting stories, the fascinating discoveries and I’m glad I lived there.


So what about you?

What do you love about where you live?


pointing handNo! Wait…before you tell me, there’s more! I’m turning this thought into a weekly Linky.

Every Tuesday I’ll post a blog prompt about Where I Live and you write your post before the next Tuesday, come back and link up and then check out what others have written.

The only requirement is that you have a positive spin in your post; this Linky is about celebrating the Good Things where we live!

This is for everyone, not just expats. For more details, check out the page Where I Live Linky.

American ResidentAnd prizes?!

Oh, and one other thing… to get the Linky off to a fantastic start, every person who adds their Where I Live post to the Linky each week will be entered into a prize draw each week for the first FOUR weeks! Starting with the first one, (next week!) Tuesday 30th of April (rules to come next week).

If you are not a blogger and therefore will not be able to add a post to the Linky, please still check out the posts people add to the Linky and you may discover new blogs to read! And I promise that I have a prize giveaway for you in June.


Questions? Please ask–either in the comments below on via email:

theamericanresident (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk

Start thinking about the things you love where you live and I’ll see you next week with the first prompt!



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7 Comments so far

  1. Ruth says:

    This is a great idea. I’ve had a post in drafts about where I live for months, but I’m afraid it doesn’t fit your criteria because it’s not a very positive one at all! I think I’d better wait until we move away before I publish it!

    This has inspired me to try and look around and see some of the good as well as the bad though, thank you x

    • I’m glad you like the idea Ruth. Knowing how you feel about where you live, you were actually one of the people I was thinking of when I began organising this!! :)

  2. Judith says:

    Great idea! I will have to see if I can get my act together and write a suitable post!

  3. Great idea. I’ve got plenty of good things to say about where I live, so I’ll get on to it when I get a moment….

  4. Excellent idea! I just chuck all I love about London on my Pinterest board. It’s the lazy bloggers dream… :-) Dxx

  5. Congrats on youbeing the short list – am going over to vote. Oakland – LOVE restaurants, weather, green hills and endless parks. Don’t love; incredible amounts of crime and potholes everywhere, terrible schools, best stop there…

  6. What a beautifully written post, and a great idea for a linky. For the first one, do the posts need to have been written the previous week? I have an old one in mind. If they do have to be new, I’ll bear this linky in mind for any future posts that I write on this theme….

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