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Seriously, who needs a 3D TV? Well…

3 Comments 11 October 2012

When I first heard about 3D TV’s my very first thought was ‘Wow! technology is amazing!‘ but a second later I was thinking, ‘but I don’t want one’. I don’t want to have to watch everything with silly glasses on. And there’s some things I really really REALLY don’t want to see in 3D, thank you very much–like much of the news. Ugh. Can you even imagine?

And I don’t watch that much TV anyway, preferring instead to do things out in my garden or reading or just hanging out with my family. I’ll be honest, I rarely if ever watch the news. I’d rather read about it. When we sit down to TV we want good entertainment. In fact, I completely loved Avatar in 3D at the cinema. Maybe 3D TV would be cool then?

When I was approached by someone who wanted to write a post for my blog offering information about 3D TVs I was intrigued. I said I didn’t want a sales pitch and they said ‘it’s not, it’s just helping people understand 3D TV’s better.’ Ah, so there’s more people like me out there, I’m not alone in being confused! I agreed to host it. And here it is:

Are 3D TVs worth buying?

Until recently, if you really wanted to experience the magic of film, a trip to the cinema was your only option – with television seen as very much the poorer cousin. These days however, technological advances have brought the two mediums much closer together, and it’s possible to enjoy the full visual glory of your favourite movie from the comfort of your own home. State of the art 3D TVs promise to significantly enhance the viewer experience – but are they really worth investing in? Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about 3D to help you to make up your mind.

What is 3D TV?

As the name suggests, 3D TV allows you to enjoy the same multi-dimensional viewing that has become increasingly popular with moviemakers since the massive success of James Cameron’s ground breaking Avatar. By combining sophisticated visual technology with 3D glasses, you can view hundreds of films, TV shows and games with added depth perception – objects and characters will literally seem to emerge from the screen, making for a more realistic and immersive viewing experience.

What can I watch using 3D?

Like any new technology, 3D TV is still in the process of being developed and adapted across the board, and is by no means available everywhere – it may be some time before you’re watching Coronation Street in three dimensions! However, most major films and numerous games now utilise the technology to improve the viewer experience, and it won’t be long before practically every major production is 3D compatible.

Will I need special glasses?

Developers are continuing to trial glasses-free 3D, but for the time being yes, you need to wear coloured 3D glasses. These will usually be provided with the TV, and can be worn over your regular glasses if you’re short sighted.

Do I have space for it?

As with practically all modern televisions, 3DTV is produced on flat screen, so can easily be fixed to a wall or placed in a convenient corner where it won’t take up too much room. You can choose from standard 40-42 inch LCD TVs right up to 50 inch and even 60 inch models for a true ‘home cinema’ feel.

Can I afford it?

As a state of the art product, 3D TV doesn’t come cheap – you can expect to pay up to £1500 for a top-of-the-line larger model. However, prices are becoming more accessible, and buy now pay later TV retailers are an increasingly popular choice for consumers who don’t wish to break the bank. You could also explore the TV rental market to cut down your costs.

Can I be sure it isn’t just another fad?

3D may have had a brief moment in the 80s, but this time around the technology has caught up and is quickly being adapted across the board. Within a few years, 3D TV is likely to be as much of a fact of life as digital high definition. Also, unlike Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD (or, going further back, VHS vs. Betamax), all 3D TV technology is essentially compatible, so you’re in no danger of backing the wrong horse and losing out.


This is a paid for post about 3D TV’s. I hope you found it useful!


So there ya go. What do you think readers? Is 3D TV for you?


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  1. Joel W says:

    Generally, I choose to be a late adopter of new technologies. I wait for the a technology to mature to make a selection. Why purchase something now, when 6 months later something better and with more features is introduced at the same price. You have to make a judgement on “Do I really need this now?” If you can find an immediate need then buy it. If not, wait and watch for the product to evolve.

    3D TV is like this. I don’t see a compelling selection of 3D video titles to force my need to buy one now. It’s possible, it could go the way of quadrophonic sound and never stick in the market.

  2. Hunter says:

    Thank you for the great article Michelle. I have been the fence when it comes to 3DTVs. I thought it was just a fad, but I have been considering it more since I upgraded to a Hopper DVR. It supports 3D pay per view movies, and I am thinking that I might be able to save some money by watching 3D movies at home instead of taking my kids to the theater every weekend. I should probably see one in action before I make my decision. I have a coworker from DISH who has a huge 84 inch 3DTV. I am going over to her house this weekend for a movie; we will see how I feel about 3DTVs after watching one for a while

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