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15 Comments 28 September 2012

Like everyone I have very little spare time and so when I do have any I want to spend it well. That includes what I read–it has to be good stuff or there’s no point in wasting my time. Sound like harsh-literary-editor-speak? Not really, just sensible.

Time is valuable even to little ol’ me. My husband was really not enjoying a book he read recently so I said ‘stop reading it, then.’ He looked at me, aghast. How could I, champion of literature, tell him to Stop Reading a Book? Easily. He was reading it for pleasure and it gave him the opposite. It ceased to serve it’s purpose so it is no longer needed. Time to fill those moments with a book better suited to the purpose! He put the book down carefully, but I think with great relief.

The same goes with blogs, of course. Not all blogs are for all people. As with books, I like to read a wide variety of genres. There’s the blogs of good friends that I will always read, there’s the blogs of people I like to keep caught up with because they always offer some new piece of advice or a new discovery or a new way of doing things, there’s the blogs that are just nice to drift through from time to time, like a pretty garden.

And then there’s my eclectic collection that I like dipping into because of the great writing, and pure entertainment. I’m going to share some of those with you right here and now–please go and say hello to them if you haven’t already, and see for yourself why I recommend them so highly:

The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club

I know a lot of you have heard me raving about her before, but not all of you and so here she is again. The first time I mentioned her was when she helped me so wonderfully in my Christmas Party Mulled Wine making. This time I’m linking to a post of hers on tasting wine. You know that rude slurp those wine people all do. Well it’s on purpose! Yes, click on her blog name above to see how you too can look clever in a restaurant the next time you order wine.

The Vegaquarium

That’s a mouthful, innit? Well, yes, go see for yourself, it really is! It’s a sort of cookery blog by a very clever, very beautiful student in Brighton. I know! Reading a student blog is well outside my usual, but I’m glad I found it because it’s really opened my eyes up to how very entertaining and interesting students can be (I mean besides my own kids, of course–yes, they read this blog). See for yourself. And the blog is as pretty as the author. I think it’s a new blog so be nice and leave some comments on posts you love–it always feels good to share some blog love!!


Except of course, we are. And this post in particular about cookery terms is quite entertaining! There’s a gardening one here too. I really enjoy his writing and the minimalist style of his blog and I love how he’s trying to work through a couple of characters and story ideas via his blog as well as write other Good Stuff.

Asia Vu

I’m not going to swamp you with blogs to go and read because I figure if I keep the number small you’re more like to click on these suggestions and go see them! So, this is the last (but not least) on my list today.

A fellow expat, this one in Korea, MsCaroline writes Asia Vu about life as an expat–again, in Korea. I’m enjoying reading her blog because it’s entertaining writing about life in Korea, a country I know very little about. If, like the majority of the planet who is either a. a teen, or b. has teens, or c. are in the music business you will have heard the catchy song, Gangnam Style. If you want to know more about this clever mick-take of posh Koreans, check out MsCaroline’s post, Gangnam Style, Explained.

Or, if you want to know what the heck I’m on about, check out her post for that too. There’s a link to the You Tube vid of the song as well. I am amazed at how well this song has catapulted a segment of Korean culture to the outside world–and I love MsCaroline’s outsider’s view from the inside (did you follow that?) on this phenomenon.


That’s all for today, folks! Happy weekend reading!



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  1. Totally agree about Knackered Mother and Asia Vu – both fab. Will have to check out Vegaquarium…..

  2. Yes, agree too about Knackered Mother and Asia Vu! I love it when you get into a blog and each new post is like a little pressie to unwrap! Will check out the other two as well..

  3. Expat Mum says:

    Yes, they are good aren’t they? Must gt round to reading more new blogs.

    • Michelloui says:

      I know, there’s so much great reading to be found, if only we could find the time as well…!

  4. Dunk says:

    Since Michelle kindly recommended my blog, I felt it good manners to visit the others she championed.

    Knackered Mum made me laugh. You have to like anyone who shares my liking of fizz with a takeaway. And the goldfish gag in the post about 50 Shades of Grey, made me snort with laughter.

    Asia Vu is simply lovely to look at, and really well organised. I’m still struggling with the Gangnam concept, but I’ll get there

    Vegaquarium I liked too. It reminded me of my own days as a student, trying to live on a pittance. Mind you that was back in the days when ballpens were newfangled, but some things don’t change

  5. Naomi says:

    All are new to me … and I’ll go check them out now!

  6. wifey says:

    since i am back in after a short absence (embarrassed cough), that was really helpful. x

    • Michelloui says:

      Nice to have you back. We all take the absences (if we’re normal); enjoy getting back into the swing of things!

  7. EmmaK says:

    ooh thanks luv! Will pour me a cuppa and cut me a large slice of battenburg and get stuck into this selection

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