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What spontaneous thing have you added to your life lately?

14 Comments 03 July 2012

Mumm Champagne

The empty bottle posing with the patty pan squash.

My husband and I are very busy with our family, different jobs, and projects. We try to spend at least a few minutes together each morning having coffee because we know we won’t have that again until we spoon that night in bed. We don’t often have the opportunity to go away together, even though the kids are all old enough. Like many people, our lives are at times consumed by the obligations, duties, tasks, and To Do Lists that we have created because we want to Do Good Things, we want to support our kids, we want to have great family times (that translate into great family memories), we want to create a nice home and garden, and we want to have personal portfolios we’re proud of…but perhaps at times we lose sight of the Why, and focus too much on the Preparing for the Why.

The other day husband came home from work early. It was a hot, sunny afternoon. We both had some recent work successes and were feeling like we could relax a moment, in the calm before the next big projects start up for both of us. We decided we’d sit in the garden and enjoy the sun a moment so I told him to go out to the vegetable garden–a sun trap, and I would bring out some cold drinks. I opened the fridge and didn’t even get as far as reaching for the sparkling water when I spotted the champagne. It was a left over bottle from a recent family celebration. I didn’t bother hesitating over mock prudence, I just smiled the happy smile of someone who has just realised they have the freedom to do what they want, even if only for an afternoon, grabbed the bottle, took a couple of glasses from the cupboard and walked out to the vegetable garden.

The nice thing about champagne is that you don’t need a corkscrew. We sat and drank our cold champagne in the hot sun, talked about our recent successes, our plans for upcoming projects, our ideas for the house and garden, our children, their partners, our American family coming to stay this summer, and laughed about the deer damage in the vegetable patch which consists solely of the deer picking up the white name labels, chewing them while walking around and dropping them randomly around the garden. (I touch wood as I type that (or knock on wood, whichever country you’re in) because at some point that deer will discover the vegetables…)

And it was lovely. It was lovely to have the time–to make the time, lovely to drink a celebration drink just because we could celebrate an unexpected sunny afternoon together, and lovely to just sit and talk and relax and be.

And lovely to be spontaneous together. Why is spontaneity such a tonic?


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  1. Melissa says:

    That sounds lovely. And you’re right, spontaneity is such a good tonic. The best nights out or afternoons in are always unplanned. I guess we spontaneously decided to move to York if that counts?

  2. huntfun says:

    Reading this it reminded me of this post we recently wrote about making the most of the long summer evenings. If there is a sunny evening, grab it and get out there without planning in advance.

  3. You’re right, the best days are always the spontaneous ones, not the events you’ve meticulously planned, which never live up to expectations. We went for a walk together the other evening after dinner as a family, totally unplanned but it was a beautiful evening. The kids didn’t want to go initially but we saw a fabulous sunset and they loved looking at ducks and horseshoe crabs by the harbour. It was perfect.

    • Michelloui says:

      That does sound perfect, and kids usually equate the word ‘walk’ with ‘boring’ but almost always there’s something to enjoy or treasure from the walk, even if it is just a bit of monkeying around as we usually seem to do! Glad to hear about your spontaneous moment!

  4. iota says:

    Lovely post. Well done on grabbing that champagne. Yes, spontaneity is good.

  5. Spontaneity is adventurous. It’s why it’s appealing to some and unnerving to others. I think our lives are too planned out and I prefer getting up in the morning and living most of my day spontaneously, doing what I like whenever I like. That makes me happy. I find that most plans are usually spoiled – best laid plans and all that – so I’d rather not bother where I can avoid it. I think life is harder and full of more disappointment when we have a lot of expectations. Some of my loveliest moments have been things I’ve done on the spur of the moment, especially little day trips. Love those the best!

  6. Mamacook says:

    Not sure this is all that spontaneous but someone offered me a second job, pretty much asked me to name my price and I said ‘yes’ rather than thinking “how will I do this, this and this?” Just an occasional day here and there but it’s great to be in demand.

    Might open some Wednesday Prosecco tonight just to feel properly spontaneous though!

  7. Mamacook says:

    Oh and, on a whim, after being shy old me about the whole thing for weeks, I said “yes” to coming to the BIB awards. Very proud of myself I did (I’m rubbish and very nervous about crowds of people I don’t know!)

  8. HonestMum says:

    Wonderful and inspiring post-before baby number 2 arrives, husband and I want to escape for a day or two and just be us!

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