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Want to meet with fellow expats next year?

8 Comments 18 July 2012

BritMumsLive expat meetup

Some of the many gorgeous expats who met up in June! L to R (facing camera): Peggy Poyser, Metropolitan Mum, Mrs.B, Lisa Gusto.

At the BritMums Live 2012 conference this year I organised an expat meet-up. We had so much fun chatting and getting to know each other in 2011 that I thought, let’s do it again! Almost 30 people turned up, with 18 expats. No, it wasn’t exclusively expats, many of us brought friends who live in the UK as well because it seems silly to have an exclusively expat meet-up when everyone just wanted to hang out and say hi.

I love these kinds of meet-ups–some of us also meet up from time to time throughout the year, because expats seem to be open-minded, friendly, supportive, interested and interesting. Well, these expats do anyway. They’re great people to be around.

You can check out the expats who were there in my BritMums July Expat Round-up. And if you’re interested in attending BritMums Live 2013, you can buy your tickets at the super duper early bird price of £39.99 here (price is held only until August 6th).

The date is 21/22 June 2013, location is central London, and there will be another Expat Dinner so if you’re around, it would be lovely to see you there!

(PS Mark it on your calendar!)

expat meet-up

L to R: Romanian Mum, Lisa Gusto, Metropolitan Mum, Peggy Poyser, Julia Boggio, London Baby


expat meet-up

L to R: Kylie Hodges, Toni Hargis, Tatty Weasle, Di (In the Powder Room), Rachel (This Mid-30’s Life)


expat meet-up

L to R: Selena, Katherine Lightner, Erin, Vix, Very Bored in Catalunya, Trish Burgess


expat meet-up

Marianne Whooley, Karin Joyce


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8 Comments so far

  1. Oh, I thought I’d done well not appearing in any photos. At least it’s not a close up. 😉

    • Michelloui says:

      I was hoping that as my phone image quality is so poor people wouldn’t mind being a bit blurry… But close up or not you would not have had to worry about photos of you!! :)

  2. An American mum in Wales says:

    Oh, I would love this! It might even mean that I will be able to get away form the twins for a real proper lunch (they aren’t even born yet and I am already salivating at the thought of me time!).

  3. OK. I’m coming – but in 2014. That’s a promise. Next year I’ll be busy packing up the house….

  4. Very very Jealous, here are some of my absolute faves including Trish and you and Met Mum. I will for sure not miss it next year and i hear you organised a real smash up bit of a ‘do, missus!

  5. Windmilltales says:

    Great to see some faces to put to names.
    One day I hope to get to Brit Mums, maybe 2018? when the kids are older!!!

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