The top 5 things I learned at CybHer blog conference

2 Comments 17 May 2012

CybHer 2012

CybHer 2012

More and more blog conferences are appearing in the UK, which is a great thing. This means there’s more opportunity in the UK to network with other bloggers and more opportunity to learn new things about blogging and writing. I learn a lot about what I do online, of course, because there are a lot of great blogging and online marketing sites. But there’s no replacement for being in a workshop with an expert and other delegates and having the opportunity to have a dialogue on these topics.

What did I learn at CybHer 2012? In no particular order or category:

1. Blogging and publishing anonymously is a great PR trick if you want a lot of attention.

But once you summon the hounds of hell, be ready for the consequences. Zoe Margolis anonymously wrote a blog that she turned into a book called Girl With a One Track Mind. She did not call upon the hounds of hell (the press) on purpose, but once they got the scent and outed her, they were brutal in their pursuit, hounding her family, friends and neighbours until they got an exclusive from her. It sounded like a horrible, horrible nightmare!

2. Keep your blog ready at all times in case there’s a spike in traffic for whatever reason.

Sometimes you can predict it and other times you can’t so being ready all the time is a great plan. Have easy to see subscription methods, have great posts visible and easy to find in archives and have easy navigation and a great look so people enjoy hanging out there and want to return.

3. Your blog is an excellent platform to use for launching a book.

But only if you take advantage of all that it offers in the way of network building, connecting to other social media and using it as a homepage for your book and you. In the case of non-fiction, your blog is also a great place to establish your authority in an area before launching an ebook. And of course remember that whatever you write is representative of you and your subject so make it a good representation!

4. Bloggers who focus on the erotic niche are often feminists trying to make sex writing just another thing they do besides gardening, crafting, cooking.

Sex is part of who we are as humans, it isn’t a dirty little secret. And if it can be made fun or more interesting, then that’s like any other part of our lives becoming fun or more interesting–it can only be a good thing!

5. Love what you write about or it won’t be nearly as interesting as it could be.

Don’t write about what you think you should write about, choose a subject you love! Then it will seem less like work and the words will flow and the reader will enjoy reading it. That goes for books as well as blogs.

And that’s my round up of CybHer. It was a nice day where I got to meet up with a couple of my favourite bloggers, meet a couple of interesting speakers and learn a few new things. And now I’m looking forward to the next conference, BritMums Live!

See you there?



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  1. I really wish i could go to one of these – esp the BrithMum one. That is so true about writing what you want – not what you think you should – it is evident in your tone and energy

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