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not on the high street

Some of the pretty things I found for putting together a cottage garden themed wedding--this site is a one stop shop for weddings!

In just two months time we’re having a wedding!

No, not mine, silly, my (step)daughter. So this means I need an outfit, which means traipsing through shops getting static hair from all that taking off/putting on clothes and becoming more and more despondant.

What I am more interested in are the decorations. Regular readers here know I love having parties (according to my stats The American Resident post with the greatest number of inbound clicks from Google is 11 Original Party Ideas Websites), and having only recently got married (again) myself, I still have some of the books and magazines I used when planning that event. I love thinking about the details, the way the room looks when you first walk in, the way the table looks when you’re chatting to new people next to you, creating a romantic mood with a few well thought out details during the day and a party atmosphere in the evening, expressing something about you and your partner through the decorations.

I like my parties to look unique without looking like I’ve tried too hard to be unique. My (step)daughter is the same as me and we’ve enjoyed looking at magazines and books and Pinterest and other websites for ideas for her upcoming wedding. One of the best sources for us has been Not on the High Street dot com, or I love this site and I have fallen in love with it all over again while searching for wedding decos.

Not on the high street for weddings--gift registry and styling.

One rason I love this shop is because every product I have ever bought through the site has been well made and unique (making it a perfect shop for presents) but also because they support Britain’s small businesses–every item sold from this site is made by an independent, small British business. So it makes sense that it’s a perfect place to look for unique ideas for weddings. And I can’t help myself: because I love browsing and planning the party stuff so much I thought I’d also share with you things we’ve been looking at.

My (step)daughter and her partner are really outdoorsy, but also quite stylish. We looked at several outdoorsy themes, including a woodland theme and a cottage garden theme. In the end the venue decided us on a cottage garden theme as there is an option with good weather (it’s Britain, options are awesome) to hold the ceremony in the beautiful cottage garden at the site.

The wedding invitations were sent out on seeded paper, so one idea is to continue this theme with this sweet heart bunting made with paper seeded with wildflowers–how fantastic to plant this later and know that those wildflowers were at your wedding!

Heart bunting on seeded paper.

Continuing with the heart theme, these pretty Zinc hearts etched with what looks to me like a tree of life image, would be really unique decorations scattered around, perhaps on twigs painted white for table centrepieces, and later given to guests.

etched zinc heart

Etched zinc heart.

And a sweet addition to the twig bouquets would be to hang these pretty tea light holders with the zinc hearts, with little poseys in each. Then, when evening comes, we can take the poseys out and replace them with tealights–our own little romantic forest of lights.

glass hanging tealight

Glass hanging tealight.

It’s fun to add something a bit different and these Wedding wish tags (A Dutch tradition, apparently) would be a really lovely idea to introduce. We could continue with the theme of the twig centrepiece and have a much larger twig or bouquet of pretty twigs near the entrance where people can leave their wishes for the bride and groom.

wedding wish tags

Wedding wish tags.

You can even buy wedding cakes through this site! I love this pretty lace and flowers cake.

Vintage Lace Wedding Cake

Vintage Lace Wedding Cake

And for the evening buffet, a stack of cheeses displayed with cottage garden flowers as a centrepiece on the buffet table. I love this!

stack of cheeses

A pretty stack of cheeses.

There were a lot of children at my wedding so we set up a long trestle table for all the kids to eat at, and after the meal we brought out a long roll of plan paper, buckets of crayons and coloured pencils, colouring books, sticker packs, and reading books and set them all out on the table. Even the older kids got into it. There will only be two or three children at my (step)daughter’s wedding so she might give them each a little pack of entertainment, something like these colouring in fairy puzzles.

Fairy puzzle colour in

Colouring in fairy puzzle.

Now that I have her wedding style sorted (well, some ideas anyway… she promised not to get too worried about me taking over her wedding if I wrote this post) I suppose I must return to the shops to find my (step)mother of the bride outfit. Actually, I might just have a look at the fashion section of for the same reason I looked there for wedding ideas–I know I’ll find something unique. I joked with her that I’d wear a black dress and carry a shiny red apple with me everywhere (you know, the wicked step mother) but she frowned and said ‘I want people to like you.’ She thought I was serious? I don’t know. I reassured her I wouldn’t wear black, or carry a menacing apple.

I quite like this pewter dress–simple but easy to dress up with some jewellery and it would go well with the silver strappy Jimmy Choo (found on sale, hurrah!) heels I wore at my wedding.

pewter dress

Suitable for (step)mother of the bride?

And just so you know, I was paid to write this post from the research I’ve done for my (step)daughter’s wedding. The payment will help me buy my (step)mother of the bride outfit!

Anyway, over to you readers. Any style ideas for a cottage garden themed wedding? All ideas welcomed!!


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  1. Expat Mum says:

    Love that dress. You would look great in it.
    Also love all the ideas, particularly the zinc hearts. I do a centerpiece at Xmas made out of branches we find, which we paint white and add silver glitter here and there. We then hang tiny glass beads and small baubles, but those zinc hearts would look fab. The great thing about doing this as a centerpiece is that it’s never blocks out your view of people at the other side of the table.

    • Michelloui says:

      I love your centrepice idea, sounds very festive and elegant–and yes, I agree about not blocking views across the table.

  2. Iota says:

    You are SO DARN STYLISH! Lovely post.

    I do like that dress, but I wonder if grey is a bit subdued. But as you say, you could dress it up. What do other people think? Is grey too… grey?

    • Michelloui says:

      LOL! Only stylish when I try really really hard to be 😉

      I was wondering the same about they grey, but I’m trying to find a colour that will go with both the bridesmaids’ dresses (a smokey blue silk) and my husband’s suit (dark charcoal). And grey is a good colour for me. We’ll see. I may try it on and think ‘ugh, too…grey!’

  3. farfromhomemama says:

    Really love the dress. Very elegant and I like the twist at the neckline. I use notonthehighstreet a lot. It’s a great site for unusual and handcrafted presents – a real bonus that I can order from Switzerland and have it delivered straight to the door in the UK.

    • Michelloui says:

      Yes, its so easy to order gifts for people from isn’t it?! And as you say, ordering from overseas is fantastic. Online shopping is all about convenience and I am always surprised when major online retailers don’t have a facility for people to order from all over the world.

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