Make money with spring cleaning–what a great incentive!

2 Comments 19 April 2012

You may look forward to the brighter colours and warmer weather that spring usually brings, but there’s one thing about the season that you’d rather do without — the dreaded spring clean. If your home is in dire need of a good scrubbing and a purging of everything old, here are some tips to make tidying your house go by quickly so that you can begin enjoying the season.

To start with, sort through your wardrobe to get rid of clothing, shoes, hats, and even jewellery that you no longer wear. Tackling your wardrobe will be one of the biggest tasks you complete this spring clean, but once you finish it, you can reap rewards in several ways. You could donate your gently used clothing to a charity shop, or you can sell them to a vintage store for immediate profit.

Once you are done in the bedroom, make your way to the common areas to de-clutter all of the junk that your family has likely accumulated there. If you have kids that love to play video games, listen to music, or pop in a DVD every once in a while, your family room is likely drowning in discs. You can sell unwanted DVDs with musicMagpie in addition to selling CDs and video games. Considering that these discs can take centuries to decompose, selling them is more environmentally friendly, not to mention economically beneficial for you.

Next, head to the kitchen to clear your cupboard and refrigerator of goods that are no longer edible. Any condiments, canned goods past their expiration date, or fresh items past their prime should be thrown away not only to make room in your kitchen for fresh ingredients but also to ensure the health of your family. And as you are sorting through edible items and non-edibles, you can also dust the cupboard and clean the shelves of the refrigerator with a damp cloth.

De-cluttering your home isn’t always about taking old items out, however; sometimes it can actually be the addition of a piece of furniture or an organisational tool that help you get tidy and stay that way. One of the most common areas of chaos in the home is the area near the entry door, which is often cluttered with shoes, umbrellas, mail, and key rings. You can bring order to your hallway by placing a shoe rack near the door, for example, or adding a handy rack to sort the post. Once you get this area organised, you’re more likely to keep it that way, so this could be a good investment in your home.

An organiser, musicMagpie, and a little patience — with these tools, you can accomplish your yearly spring clean in a matter of minutes. You’ll be more inclined to jump into the sunny season with more exuberance if you’re comfortable with your surroundings, so take advantage of these top de-cluttering tips to start enjoying the weather now.

This was a guest post by Leo Fisher, writing for MusicMagpie. I was paid to host this post but I chose it specifically to coincide with spring cleaning–my regular readers know I have a thing about housework, and spring cleaning must be one of the most satisfying things to do in house maintenence!


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  1. Being on the house tour recently was great – we purged the mudroom and the garage. It’s so freeing!

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