Fact: less nagging helps save energy.

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stack of sweaters

Wearing jumpers/sweaters are one way I keep warm during the day–not all at once, just one or two…

Like I said in may last post about energy savings, if we practice good energy saving habits now, we won’t even think twice about them by the time our children are grown up. Because I feel so strongly about this, I have decided to work with BritMums and British Gas on a sponsored post campaign to help educate people about energy conservation.

Saving energy isn’t just about saving money or saving the environment, it’s also about improving the way we approach our lives holistically. There’s elegance to using less of everything, a demonstration of social conscience in avoiding excess, a well-ordered life in thinking before you choose an option.

My top three tips for saving energy around the home include actions that will easily turn into habits. And when they’re habits that we do without thinking, the rest of the energy savings behaviours we should do will be much easier to implement.

Use a timer for heating and hot water.

Time the heating to come on just before people wake or come in from school or work, and to turn off before bedtime. If the house starts to get chilly at bedtime, evening baths and hot water bottles warm us up nicely! And pay attention to the weather. Some days you can turn that heating off, especially this winter.

Time the hot water so everyone who needs to can have a shower but encourage people to have shorter showers. Or a bath, but you know showers use less water—I wonder if they use less energy in total, especially if you have a power shower? Anyone know?

Exercise more.

Going back to my previous energy saving post, because I work all day at my desk, I need to get up and exercise some through the day to wake up my brain cells but also to warm up. No point turning on the heating when all I need to do is run up and down the stairs 10 or more times! And of course exercise is good for us in so many other ways.

Stop nagging.

You know how when your parents nagged and nagged about something you started to block it out? Yes, well that’s what all kids do, including our own so stop nagging about turning off the TV always left on standby overnight, or turning off the lights in a room not being used, or running the water when cleaning teeth, or leaving all the doors open for the heat to escape, or complaining they’re cold when they’re wearing a short sleeved shirt in the middle of winter. Mummy Whisperer mentioned her issue with nagging about saving energy as well.

Her solution is to use a Smart Meter to make saving energy more fun. I agree. I do love the idea of looking at a Smart Meter for making energy savings around the home a much more interesting discussion than, “do you realize exactly how much energy you’re wasting when you leave the TV on standby?!” Blah blah blah is all they hear. Smart meters will be in all homes eventually so that’s cool, but if you want more information about them now, you can check out this link about Smart Meters.

Now what I’d love from you are any other tips—one thing I love about blogging is how you can discover things you never even thought of and that’s what I would love now! Any more energy saving ideas…?

Here’s my small print for this post:

“I’m participating in the British Gas Smart Meter campaign. Smart meters work with an in-home display to show how much energy you’re using in pounds and pence. You can see how much you’re spending by leaving your phone charger plugged in all the time, or the heating on at night. And when you can really see how much you’re using, you can start to make small changes to become more efficient. Smart Meters automatically send British Gas readings so they represent the end of estimated bills! British Gas is committed to install 1.5 million smart meters by the end of 2012.”



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  1. Expat Mum says:

    My kids are mini (and not so mini) energy nags. I don’t need to nag. They walk around the house switching lights out, usually when I’m still in the room! Sigh!

  2. Mother Hen says:

    Good girl, taking the bull by the horns. I flicked the two lights off in the kitchen as I was reading your post.
    p.s. have you seen the new tea room in my village?

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