1 Comment 15 February 2017

How to talk about love without making it Camembert? All the love songs to choose from (I make playlists, so does he), all the poetry ever written across the globe (I send lines to him, he sends lines to me), all the holiday photos to resend (with ‘remember this?’), all the movies to share (reaching out […]

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Secrets are the gravy

2 Comments 30 January 2017

I write about people and obvs that means secrets. Secrets are the gravy of a novel, the thing that makes a story a bit more interesting. The twist, the surprise ending, the big reveal. The thing you like to go back to and mop up some more because it’s just sooo good. A secret, according […]

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Social Media Monkey

0 Comments 08 January 2017

When I last wrote for this blog I was all about fingers in pies and social media networking. The more I connected the more money I made. All I had to do was social media harder and harder. I had private online circles of blogger friends 24 hour coffee mornings where we dipped in to talk […]

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*whispers* It’s quiet in here…

0 Comments 29 December 2016

Not sure if I’m going to pull the dustsheets off the furniture in here or not. Much has happened in the world (my little world, our big world) since I took one last look around and locked up. I didn’t think I would be gone this long. Now I’m thinking about creating a new website: less […]

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Top tips for mulled wine

6 Comments 13 December 2011

Ever wanted to know how to make perfect mulled wine? Or mulled apple juice? One of my favourite blogs is the Knackered Mothers’ Wine Club, written by Helen a (knackered) mother who knows a thing or two about wine after a 15 year career in the business. After I left a comment on her blog […]

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living well

14 Tips to Conquer the Fear of Flying

14 Comments 22 June 2011

          Conquering the fear of flying might be easier than you think. One in three people have a fear about flying, but many people have learned how to conquer their fears–like me. I used to enjoy it as it was all part of the adventure when I first started travelling. Then […]

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Have you ever seen an airplane like this?

22 Comments 27 May 2011

My uncle is a stained glass artist and one of his specialty items are these delicate airplanes. Unusual, interesting, pretty things to set on your shelf. I love them. When I visited my family recently I was very lucky to be given one by my uncle and I was over the moon! This airplane was […]

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expat life

Most Americans Don’t Own Passports

99 Comments 16 November 2010

Urban myth or fact? After years of suspecting this was an urban myth (but knowing deep inside that there was probably a grain of truth in it) I finally decided to Google ‘how many Americans own a passport’. Unfortunately, it is not an urban myth. Most sources suggest around 20-22% of all Americans over 18 […]

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